5 things to do during holidays to feel refreshed in 2024

5 things to do during holidays to feel refreshed in 2024

Let’s be honest: the holiday season can be stressful, piling up on top of other worries you might have had during the year. Thus, it is crucial to take care of yourself to enter the new year well-rested and full of energy.

Genome’s team is all about this mindset! We have gathered some of the tips on what you can do to feel refreshed in 2024. In small and grand ways! 

Visit other countries

This is an obvious one, but it is simply too good not to be included! If you have time and means – why not experience other countries and cultures? Especially if it allows you to break up the routine of celebrating at home, which can become tedious and stressful with time.

Of course, you will need to plan out your travels. The main thing here is to calculate and budget your expenses carefully. Make sure your destination is safe to travel to at this time of year and book your stay in advance. One thing that might help is a multi-currency card for better conversion rates in different currencies.

All in all, traveling can open your eyes to new life perspectives and inspire you in your work or home routine!

Go to a new place in your hometown

It is the next best thing after traveling abroad – you leave your comfort zone with less planning and resources required!

Our daily lives can get so hectic with all the responsibilities and work. A lot of people find themselves in a loop using the same route to work or store, eating out at one or two chosen restaurants.

Such a routine can drain you in the long run. Why don’t you use the holidays to explore the town a little better? You can find new exciting places to shop or try different cuisines. It is also a great opportunity to meet up with your friends and catch up in the new location.

And if you own a Genome card, you won’t have to worry about overspending! Just set card transaction limits, and enjoy your time!

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 Get a break from technology and the internet

For some people, this suggestion sounds unthinkable! A lot of our daily activities and entertainment revolve around our smartphones, laptops, and the internet in general. 

We can’t deny that technology simplifies many processes for humanity, and at this point, rejecting it altogether is impossible. However, the negative effects it causes can’t be denied either. 

For one, people start experiencing media fatigue – they feel anxious and overwhelmed with the endless stream of information and content they get online. Simply put, your brain gets bombarded with a lot of data (necessary and not so much), making you more distracted.

Another thing is, of course, the influence of social media. With holidays around the corner, you can bet that people will post their best celebration pictures – from presents and selfies to home decorations. It can lead to unnecessary comparisons and overthinking, which reflects poorly on your mental state and emotions. 

Our advice? Consider taking a one-day break from technology, social media, and other internet-related things. Such mental cleanses can help you reevaluate your media consumption, relax your brain, and let your eyes rest, of course.    

Reflect and plan out

Planning? Isn’t it something that doesn’t sound so “refreshing”? It might seem this way at first, but this type of planning doesn’t require you to sit for hours creating PowerPoint presentations.

It is a simple exercise in reflecting and thinking of the future. When you have time, look back at the most notable things that happened to you in 2023. Consider the following: how difficult were these things to achieve, and what benefits did they bring you? Once you figure that out, you can use this information to build upon your future plans and desires. 

Here’s an example: in 2023, you tried out editing short videos for your family archive. To achieve better results, you start using editing software and learn editing tricks yourself. Your skills have improved by this time, and you genuinely enjoy the process. Why not plan to book video editing courses for 2024? Yes, it will take up some of your free time, but you will learn a new skill that you are passionate about and that potentially can lend you more job opportunities in the future.

And, if you worry about missing monthly payments for your courses – Genome can help. We offer a quick, easy-to-use transfer scheduling feature you can adjust to your needs! 

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Treat yourself with a Spa

Another thing that some people neglect due to busy schedules is self-care. It especially rings true at the end of the year, when you are in a race to finish all your work before the holidays. 

Perhaps you can book a Spa visit during your vacation? Why not treat yourself to some relaxing procedures, especially particular ones that you likely haven’t experienced yet? It can’t get more refreshing than that! 

Moreover, a Spa treatment can also become a great gift for your friend or family member who needs some well-deserved rest.