A complete guide to IBAN payments for businesses

A complete guide to IBAN payments for businesses

IBAN payments for business are now more available than ever. One can instruct IBAN transfers anytime from a mobile or web application of their financial provider. By separating your personal and business expenses within two bank accounts, it’s easier to track spendings and income. What’s more, some financial institutions demand a list of business transactions to give company owners a loan. Finally, some people prefer paying by sending a transfer rather than using their bank card. 

For all these transactions and more, you will need an IBAN. Genome has a large experience in opening dedicated IBAN accounts for companies of all sizes. We offer not only fast and secure onboarding but also low fees on business transactions, as well as virtual cards and physical cards. In today’s article, we will share our knowledge on IBANs, their functionality, and their advantages. 

What’s an IBAN

International Bank Account Number or, in other words, IBAN, is a unique code to differentiate between all existent bank accounts. Money transfers can now be sent from all countries in various currencies. To process all these transactions in a seamless and timely manner, we need special numbers to locate each bank account. 

IBANs differ in length but cannot be longer than 34 symbols. The first two letters label the country of a particular bank account. HU would mean Hungary. The next two digits are called check digits. 

All the other symbols in IBAN are referred to as BBAN – Basic Bank Account Number. They can be still divided into three groups. A bank code is specific for each country and represents a particular branch. The next part – a branch code can be missing in some IBANs. The last component here will be an account number itself. 

IBAN transactions take anything between 1 and 5 working days. It may seem like quite a long time but as of now, it’s the quickest and the most reliable way to send funds. Need to make transfers faster? Use Genome! We offer free and instant transfers in different currencies for all our users on both personal and business accounts. 

What is the purpose of business IBAN

With the growth of international trade and overseas transactions, people need to make money transfers in different currencies between numerous countries. To make this happen, International Bank Account Numbers were created. Within this system, each bank account has a corresponding code to send and receive transactions. 

During the past decades, business bank accounts are becoming more and more popular to separate personal and business expenses. Examples of IBAN payments for business can be rent, salary for the employees, bills for electricity in the office, etc. International Bank Account Number allows you to send and accept transfers from anywhere in the world. It’s especially convenient for companies that are located or make their products in one country but their clients live abroad. 

How to check if IBAN is correct?

These codes are quite long and include both digits and letters. No wonder that it’s easy to make a mistake while instructing a transfer and send funds to the wrong account. Fortunately, there are special services to verify a bank account number. Such IBAN checkers will show both personal and business IBANs. 

The best way to check the IBAN is to go to the main information within your account in mobile banking. In addition, bank account details should be available on account confirmation document that can be downloaded in your mobile banking application.  


What is an IBAN number in payment?

It is one of the required details to make and accept overseas transfers. This code has both letters and digits and its length varies from country to country. IBAN works as an address – it contains information on the country, bank, and the branch where a sender or receiver holds the bank account. 

What is a business IBAN?

It’s an account code linked to a particular business bank account. IBAN payments for business are secure transfers abroad. Any company selling goods and products in multiple countries will need an IBAN to send money transfers and receive money from clients. A business bank account number is no different from a personal one and has the same functionality. 

Can I pay using an IBAN?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay by this code directly, but you will definitely need it to send or accept money transfers. To order an overseas payment, you will also need the receiver’s name and last name or their company name (if it’s a transaction to a business account). 

Is IBAN enough to make a payment?

With only IBAN available, only SEPA transactions in Europe can be instructed. For international transfers in dollars and any other currency, you will also need SWIFT/BIC codes.