Best debit cards for Google Pay

Best debit cards for Google Pay

In the world of NFC contactless payments, it’s easy to get lost when selecting a debit card and a financial provider to use. So when all digital wallets and cards work the same way, how do you find the best option?

Genome helps its clients with opening personal and business bank accounts and issuing cards both for personal and business use. In today’s blog post, we’re talking about safe transactions and NFC contactless payments – everything you need to know about Google Pay and what are the best debit cards for it.

Why NFC contactless payments are getting popular

Digitalization is not a strange, unfamiliar word anymore. It’s here – in our daily lives, in the EU and the USA, in our pockets, after all. NFC contactless payments became a preferred way of purchasing goods and services. Whether you’re shopping online or in physical stores, this is a safe and, more importantly, fast and convenient way to make purchases.

In the light of the past 2 years, secure NFC transactions are beneficial even in terms of hygiene. Below, we will discuss secure mobile applications for NFC contactless payments and the best debit cards to use with them.


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How Google Pay works

One of the tools for safe transactions is Google Pay. It looks and works just like any other digital wallet. You add a debit card once – and can use it for NFC contactless payments anytime, anywhere. This mobile application is only suitable for Android users, while those who prefer iOS go for the Apple Wallet

So, what makes Google Pay so special and widely popular? The answer is – security. Just like Apple Pay, this application does not use or save real card details. Instead, the card is tokenized, and, for every transaction, this randomly generated token is used. Such protection significantly decreases the chances of card information being compromised or stolen. All large smartphone manufacturers (Samsung, Xiaomi, Meizu) produce their gadgets with the necessary technologies to enable secure NFC contactless payments. 

 Google Pay supports numerous bank cards from various countries. In fact, financial providers are interested in having their cards compatible with this digital wallet because it means flexibility for their clients. If you’re not sure whether you can use your card with Google Pay – contact your provider or check the list of supported banks by country here. You can use any card with it – debit, credit, and even prepaid ones. 

Google Pay is free of charge for personal users but has a small safe transaction processing fee for merchants. 

What are debit, credit, and prepaid cards

Here are the main differences:

Debit carddebit card is linked to and limited by the balance on your current account. The offers for such cards vary greatly depending on the provider. Usually, you cannot go into overdraft and don’t need to pay any monthly fees.
Credit cardA credit card, in its turn, grants access to a line of credit from your bank. It means that you can borrow money from the provider and return it later. If you miss the deadline (up to a month) – you will need to pay an interest rate.
Prepaid cardFinally, a prepaid card is limited by the top-up amount. You can only use as much money as you’ve put on this card. Among the most common top-up options are bank transfers and E-wallets.

The best debit cards for Google Pay

Debit cards are the most common ones and are widely used in every corner of the world. We’ve prepared a short list of the best debit cards and financial services providers to use with Google Pay. 


Debit cards on Google Pay are available for both business and personal accounts with Genome. Choose between Visa physical and virtual options – all this and more for your financial convenience. On top of this, we offer free multicurrency accounts (USD, EUR, and GBP) and favorable exchange rates. Fast and effortless onboarding will take only a few days before you can start using your functional online account. Check our website to explore more cool features on all our wallets. 


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One of the largest fintech companies in Europe, Revolut boasts its different pricing plans and bank cards to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Revolut debit cards (either Visa or Mastercard) are available for each of the 4 plans on both business and personal accounts. What’s more, one can create their design for the card and even have it made from metal. 


Mastercard debit cards are available with all 8 pricing plans (4 for business users and 4 for personal users) from N26. You also order multiple cards on paid pricing plans to separate your finances. 


A Mastercard debit card is available for users on any of the three pricing plans with Monzo. With paid pricing plans, one can get a holographic or metal Monzo card. With higher prices also come free ATM withdrawals abroad, the possibility to order virtual cards, and even a credit score tracker tool. 


This Dutch fintech offers a whole bunch of different cards, including a Maestro debit card. There are 4 different pricing plans – with the Bunq Easy Green plan, one can receive a plastic-free metal card. 

All in all, most modern financial services providers in Europe and the USA offer debit cards compatible with Google Pay for NFC contactless payments and safe transactions. We’ve prepared the list of the best debit cards for Google Pay, but it does not mean that a debit card from your local bank won’t be working in this digital wallet. Just go for a reliable provider that will have the set of features and functions you need for your day-to-day banking. 


What debit cards work with Google Pay?

The majority of banks and financial providers cooperate with Google Pay so that their debit cards are supported in this digital wallet. However, the list of supported cards and banks differs from country to country. Click here to find out more.

Can I use my debit card with Google Pay?

Yes, under the condition that your bank signed an agreement with Google Pay. Just download a mobile application on your Android device (Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.) and add card details. Check the list of supported financial providers by country or contact your bank and ask them directly.

Why is my debit card not accepted by Google Pay?

The reason can be that your bank does not have an agreement with Google Pay. It means that your debit card is not supported and won’t work in this E-wallet. In addition, there may be bugs and technical issues when adding or using a debit card. You can reach out to your financial services provider to clarify if everything works correctly.

Which bank is best for Google Pay?

All banks supported by Google Pay have the same functionality when it comes to safe transactions and contactless payments. Therefore, you should look for the provider that will satisfy all your needs and demands with their features and offers rather than focus on Google Pay only.