Get monthly bonuses with Genome’s referral program

The time has come – Genome is rolling out its referral program to reward our personal wallet users. We also made sure that the program will not be subjected to fraudulent actions and fake accounts’ exploits.

Step one. Our clients can send their referral link to their partners, colleagues, friends – they all will get a possibility to open an account and use other Genome’s services.

Step two. A person, who has received a referral link, needs to use it for registration and complete the on-boarding procedure.

Step three. Our referrer client will get 10% of his partner’s or friend’s commission fees for services like transfers and currency exchange. The money will be available through monthly withdrawals to the client’s EUR account.

And the great thing is that we do not limit the amount of referrals. You can find out more details about Genome’s referral program on our official website.

Don’t forget that Genome cancelled all service fees for all low-risk businesses for three months to support the business during the pandemic as a support act. You can read all about the offer in Genome’s blog post.