Genome’s month in review: May 2022

Genome’s month in review: May 2022

May is up, and so is spring. But the summer is coming in hot, and so are Genome’s updates. Find out what’s new in a blog post below.

Proceed with caution – we will show you how

This month we had multiple articles dedicated to people’s security online, especially regarding financial services and apps. Yes, banks and PSPs must ensure your funds and data are protected when you use them. But some things are out of their control, and clients need to be cautious of them as well.

Thus, our articles are perfect for learning about it. In one of them, we described the basic rules of secure banking services usage; the other was dedicated to how you can use VPN to protect your account. And lastly, our team gave five tips on how not to become a crime victim when you use online financial apps.

A deeper dive into contactless payments

Another timely trend in payments we can’t explore enough. As you know, recently, Genome’s virtual cards became Google Pay-compatible, allowing for contactless payments.

Thus, we have decided it was essential to further expand on the topic. Our team explained the general mechanisms of how NFC payments work and what they are and also talked about another widespread payment method – Apple Pay.

What Genome is all about – from a new perspective

You know that we enjoy covering services and features Genome has and often do so in our blog. But, it is also great to hear someone else’s detailed, unbiased opinion! 

And here we have it – recently, our platform got a review from In it, the writer 

Ese Precious explains what Genome is, whether our platform is safe, and what other benefits it has. Feel free to check it out!

A course on corporate spending management

If you own a business, you surely know how crucial it is to track your finances and corporate spending. Fortunately, you are not fighting the issue alone, as there are techniques and tools to minimize it and spend money in a smart way.

Genome’s CEO Daumantas Barauskas knows everything about it and shared his experience in the interview for The Paypers. We highly recommend you check out the article if you wonder:

– What are the latest trends in corporate spending strategies;

– How corporate cards positively influence your business spending management;

– What are the primer features of Genome’s corporate cards for spending control, and what other tools do we recommend.

And, of course, keep an eye on our updates, as we are ready to deliver even more financial tools you’d enjoy in your day-to-day life!