How to check your IBAN

How to check your IBAN

When discussing financial services, some topics are always timely. IBANs and IBAN accounts are one of these. And also, people often wonder, “how can I check my IBAN number?”. Today, Genome’s team answers this and other related questions in this short but sweet article!  

Transfer money online with Genome

At this point, we have talked a lot about what IBANs are and how IBAN transfers work. But what we would like to explain is what services our EMI provides.

First and foremost, it is a dedicated IBAN account opening for personal and business wallets. The onboarding doesn’t take much time – we will only ask you to provide the essential information to start a wallet. Find out how to open an account online with our tutorials for personal and business users. 

Once you have one account, you can start additional accounts within minutes from Genome’s dashboard! Our clients can get multiple accounts – 5 accounts max per currency: EUR, GBP, USD. 

One of the most popular financial services is money transfers, and our platform offers them too! You can accept funds and send them using SEPA payments. Transfer money online around Europe – to the EU, UK residents, etc. You will only need to know the receiver’s name and IBAN – no BIC required


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We also have internal transfers, which are instant between the Genome users. Offer your family to join Genome and accept money within seconds from them. 

And if you need to check your IBAN number, log into Genome. The number and other necessary data are under the “Account details” tab. So, you don’t need the IBAN checker or IBAN calculator to find out. 

Do you still have questions? Please check out the FAQ section, or contact us


What is an IBAN number?

Known as an International Bank Account Number, this metric identifies different bank accounts and is primarily used during money transfers. The most common way to send and accept funds is SEPA transfers. These are widespread in the EU and UK, and you can find the complete list of countries within a SEPA zone here. These are also sometimes utilized during SWIFT payments

How do I find my IBAN number?

Often, a person needs to check their IBAN number if someone wants to send them a payment, fill out some work-related documentation, etc. 

For most cases, you can find the number within your financial provider’s web version or mobile app, as we described the process for Genome. Open an account online and try it out right now! 


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But sometimes, you have to check the IBAN number quickly but can’t access your bank. In that case, you can do the following: if you mostly remember the number but want to make sure everything is correct, you can use the IBAN checker. Type in the number, and the IBAN checker will confirm if it is accurate or not.

There is also such a thing as an IBAN calculator – you can check your IBAN number there too, and find out your BIC. Also, you can calculate your IBAN if you have the bank code and account number. 

Which countries use IBAN?

According to the SWIFT IBAN registry, as of October 2021, 80 countries have implemented said standard. You can find the complete list in the registry, but IBANs are mainly used by European countries, specifically the EU member states and the UK. 

How do I find my account number and IBAN number?

As mentioned above, the numbers are usually displayed in your mobile banking app or its web version. Your account number is a part of your IBAN at the very end, but the IBAN itself is longer, as it contains additional data required for money transfers.