Genome SEPA transfers made simple: no BIC required

Genome SEPA transfers made simple: no BIC required

The end of the year 2021 is so close! You probably need to finish some things at work or have family matters. There’s not much time for insignificant stuff though. And we at Genome made sure we can ease your end of the year at least somehow!

So now our SEPA bank transfers are quicker and easier to file! All because you don’t have to fill in the BIC when sending money from your personal or business wallets.

Just a quick reminder: a BIC aka (SWIFT code) is 9 to 11 characters long and consists of both numbers and letters. The code is used to instruct the transfers correctly, and you can learn more about it here.

How it works:

  1. You don’t need to switch on any additional features, just go to the “transfers” tab when you need to make one;
  2. When filling in the data to send funds to another bank account, enter only the beneficiary’s name and IBAN. No SWIFT codes are required – Genome fills them up automatically for you!

Thanks to the BIC pre-filling, not only do you simplify the process as you don’t need additional data, but you also save extra time for other errands. Not to mention how essential it is to quickly order a transfer before holidays!

Speaking of speed: if you are looking for instant transfer services, Genome is here to help. Start a personal/business wallet on our platform and invite your friends/colleagues to join via our referral program. Once they use Genome too, you can send and receive our internal transfers within seconds and free of charge!

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