As you may know, recently our team has released plugins for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID users, so that they can open a merchant account within Genome. And we thought “why stop there?”  Hence, Genome now has an integration with Shopify as well, and the platform users can start a merchant account, and then download a necessary plugin. Side note, we have an easy-to-follow and detailed tutorial on how to open a merchant account, so if you need any extra help with that, make sure to check it out.  After getting an account within Genome, you need to install the Shopify plugin. This is how

Pushing the envelope is what our team enjoys doing when it comes to making Genome more accessible for merchants. And this time, we made it possible for the users of PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID platforms to join Genome’s family. What, you think you are required to fill in lots of documents and wait for an update for days? Not a chance – it takes minutes, as you only need a plugin for a specific platform to experience seamless payment processing with Genome. With us, you can open as many merchant accounts as you want and treat your customers with a

Not gonna lie, this is probably our favourite content piece we publish each month! This August was very fruitful for Genome with product and news updates happening almost weekly. So, if you’ve missed some of our exciting articles and new features, it’s time to catch up, and that’s what our month in review is for. Learn more about IBANs and international money transfers   This month we’ve doubled the amount of the educational content in our blog with two new articles. The first one fully covers IBAN – from countries that have it to what is needed to send money using it. And

Yes, it’s finally here! We are glad to announce that Genome’s referral program is expanding and is now available for the owners of business wallets as well.  To access this feature, you need to open a business account within Genome and pass the KYC procedure. If you need any help with that, please check out our detailed tutorial with screenshots on how to open a business account. With this out of the way, it takes only three steps to activate the benefits of the referral program. ONE. Log in to your business account, where you can find the “Referral Program” tab in the

We at Genome are proud to be acknowledged as a part of the Lithuanian Fintech landscape. As of 2020, there are over 200 Fintech companies here, and thanks to that Lithuania became the largest Fintech hub within the European Union by the number of licensed companies and was placed 4th in the Global Fintech Rank.  It feels great to make a contribution to the country’s development, and we want to continue doing so. Hence, Genome is annulling all the service fees for companies based in Lithuania. We are also lowering the SEPA transfers fees – you will only pay 0,06

Welcome back to Genome’s month in review, where we take a look at the news, articles, and events throughout the month. And in July, we had exciting news for our potential and loyal clients. So, it’s a perfect time to catch up with the latest updates and insights, if you haven’t already.   Deep dive into the SEPA payments SEPA transfers are common for European countries, but not all people might be aware of its purpose, the full list of SEPA countries, or even how to make a payment. That’s why this month we wrote an exstensive article on the topic.

Sometimes having a secure and agile PSP platform is not enough, as it should also be easy to use and comprehensible for your clients. And we at Genome are working exactly on that. We are proud to announce that Genome got localized to five more languages, which are: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Norwegian – all for our clients’ convenience.  Changing the language is really simple – just go to and, before logging in, pick the language option you prefer in the upper center of the screen, near the “Terms of use” tab. The same feature is also available for Genome

It’s that time again – the month is over and we’d like to update you on all of the important news, updates, and events that happened in regards to Genome in June. Interested? Then buckle up and let’s start the month in review. A new blog article about online banking We continue expanding Genome’s blog with more articles about banking and payments so that our existing and potential clients could have access to a comprehensive guide on every aspect of the industry if they need to. This time we’ve looked into the topic of online banking and what do you need to know

There has been a lot of new updates and engaging content coming from Genome lately, so we’ve decided to share a summary of the most important and interesting events, features, and blog posts of May 2020. Genome’s COVID-19 initiative continues to gain recognition. Yes, technically we have cancelled all the service fees for our low-risk clients in April, but the offer will last till July 14th, 2020, and is time-sensitive, as some countries are still facing the lockdown due to the pandemic. The relevance of our initiative was recognized by FinTech advisor Marcel Van Oost and IBS Intelligence last month, and by Financial IT in May.  Genome has launched a