It’s that time again – the month is over and we’d like to update you on all of the important news, updates, and events that happened in regards to Genome in June. Interested? Then buckle up and let’s start the month in review. A new blog article about online banking We continue expanding Genome’s blog with more articles about banking and payments so that our existing and potential clients could have access to a comprehensive guide on every aspect of the industry if they need to. This time we’ve looked into the topic of online banking and what do you need to know

There has been a lot of new updates and engaging content coming from Genome lately, so we’ve decided to share a summary of the most important and interesting events, features, and blog posts of May 2020. Genome’s COVID-19 initiative continues to gain recognition. Yes, technically we have canceled all the service fees for our low-risk clients in April, but the offer will last till July 14th, 2020, and is time-sensitive, as some countries are still facing the lockdown due to the pandemic.The relevance of our initiative was recognized by FinTech advisor Marcel Van Oost and IBS Intelligence last month, and by Financial IT in May.  Genome has launched a referral