Genome x Gamingtec: making iGaming financial services accessible on one platform

Genome x Gamingtec: making iGaming financial services accessible on one platform

Having years of experience, the Genome’s team crossed paths with professionals from multiple industries. As such, we learn a lot about the needs of different companies and apply this knowledge to improve and tailor special financial solutions for them.

We also partner with prominent companies that do the same to combine our efforts to deliver even better, more convenient services.

And this is what Genome’s partnership with Gamingtec is all about, as it empowers the iGaming industry! Gamingtec provides B2B software solutions for the iGaming industry, offering diverse iGaming services for companies across the industry. 

Thanks to the partnership, all Gamingtec clients can now access Genome’s iGaming financial services via the former’s interface. Genome will be connected to clients’ accounts with the help of Gamingtec’s API so that the companies won’t have to look for a separate iGaming financial provider. 

Genome’s CEO, Daumantas Barauskas, explained that Genome has been dedicated to developing tailor-made financial solutions crucial for businesses within the iGaming industry. Thus, the partnership with Gamingtec underscores our platform’s commitment to streamlining financial operations and empowering businesses for sustainable growth.

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He explained how this integration benefits iGaming companies in at least 5 ways. 

For one, it enables iGaming businesses to boost their operational efficiency, as they can manage all the finances within one platform to save time and work more efficiently. Genome’s fundamental financial tools are available within Gamingtec’s familiar interface. 

The services provided are also duly protected by advanced security tools. It is a serious improvement not only to the safety of the company’s finances but to its reputation in the eyes of clients and partners.

“We are aware that one of the core needs of the iGaming sector is fast payouts that can be done any day of the week. That’s why, in addition to existing services that enable quick and frictionless operations, Genome will soon be providing SEPA Instant Credit Transfers for seamless and instant payouts”, – noted Daumantas Barauskas. 

Genome’s team also elaborated that the platform’s services can be tailored specifically to the needs of individual iGaming companies. It allows such businesses more operational and financial freedom when it comes to growing their company and expanding to new markets. 

Last but not least, using a consolidated financial services platform can significantly reduce costs for companies and improve their bottom line.

Genome is excited to share our financial services with Gamingtec’s clients! If you have any questions, please contact us at 

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