Genome’s month in review: May 2024

Genome’s month in review: May 2024

Are you ready for major product updates and new informative articles? That’s right, Genome’s new month in review is here! Find out what was new in May before diving headfirst into summer! 

Go international with a new transfer option for business! 

This is the most exciting announcement in May! International money transfers are now available for Genome’s business wallet users. Check if your company is eligible to receive and send such payments, and try them yourself! 

SWIFT is the primary option for transferring money internationally. In addition, an Intelligent Routing System is used to reroute your payment to the most efficient and cost-effective transfer option, including CHAPS, Faster Payments, and TARGET2. Your company can also receive SWIFT, Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS, and TARGET2. 

Don’t hesitate – learn more about how international payments can help you grow your business!

Choose your preferred notifications  

Let’s be honest: some notifications are important, some – not as much, and others are just annoying. We at Genome understand that and want our clients to get the best experience using our services.

That’s why we have updated the notification management settings! You can now select specific notification categories and choose the channel via which you receive them: email, SMS, or mobile push notifications. Select one, two, or even all three!

Consider getting an account that you can manage with your team

Have you ever thought about getting a joint business account for your business? After all, it is a powerful tool for any partnership or small business looking to streamline their financial operations. 

Just check the overview of the benefits and functionalities of joint business accounts. Our team also highlighted why joint business accounts are ideal for maintaining financial health and facilitating smooth business transactions.

Moreover, you can consider getting a shared business account inside Genome. With it, you can manage all financial operations with your team! 

Learn the best ways to send money abroad

Sending funds to other countries can be tricky: not all banks have practical transfer options, or the fees are too high. But no worries, we’ve got an updated guide for anyone needing to transfer funds internationally.

Find out about different methods of sending money abroad, as our team compares their benefits and potential drawbacks. You can also find a step-by-step explanation of how to make SEPA and SWIFT transfers inside Genome. Check for yourself and try transferring money abroad with Genome!

Find out why chargebacks are important 

Chargebacks are an important mechanism for consumer protection, allowing clients to dispute and reverse unauthorized or fraudulent transactions. However, chargebacks are also quite unpleasant for companies, especially in large numbers. 

That’s why our team updated the article on how chargebacks work. In it, we explained various stages of the chargeback process, for people to better understand how disputes are resolved. We hope companies can use this information to better protect themselves from fraudulent chargebacks and minimize their impact.

Calculate the costs of opening an online casino

Have you ever wondered how much it will cost to open an online casino? Well, there are a lot of financial considerations involved in the process. 

These are various cost factors, including licensing, software development, marketing, and ongoing operational expenses. It can sound quite complicated at first, but sorting out all the costs is the first step to planning out the launch of the casino! Learn about all the intricacies of the process in our article. 

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