Genome’s month in review: April 2024

Genome’s month in review: April 2024

It is that time again! We are back and happy to present a new Month in review, covering all the updates for April 2024. In this edition, we have many articles covering completely different topics. 

But one thing is for sure: all of them can be useful when it comes to your finances and security!

Learn why there’s nothing romantic about romance scams

Nothing is sacred to fraudsters, your love life included. That’s right – criminals can steal your funds by faking a romantic interest. 

Our team delved into the insidious world of romance fraud, shedding light on the tactics used by scammers to exploit vulnerable individuals seeking love online. 

We shared insights and red flags to watch out for so clients protect themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to such schemes. Learn practical tips on how to identify and avoid romance fraud. 

Stop FoMO from dictating your spending behavior

Fear of missing out, aka FoMO, is a pretty well-known phenomenon now. However, it doesn’t reduce the impact it can have on a person’s mental state. Moreover, it can negatively influence their spending habits.

Our article covers psychological factors behind FoMO-driven spending, such as social comparison and the desire for instant gratification. Moreover, we highlighted the potential consequences of unchecked spending, such as debt accumulation and financial stress. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution: check our 7-step guide to budgeting, which is a great option for keeping your FoMo under control! 

Learn what 3D Secure has to offer for the protection of customers and businesses

Our team has recently updated our article on 3D Secure, as this topic is pretty significant. The protocol enables secure online payments. It does so by providing an extra layer of security, as it requires additional authentication steps during online transactions.

We also broke down how the authentication process happens and discussed the benefits of 3D Secure for both merchants and consumers. 

And yes, using 3D Secure can be a little annoying for both parties at first, but the advantages of safe payments outweigh all this by a long mile. 

The guide on opening an online casino 

Starting any business can be very taxing and time-consuming. And then there’s an online casino. Unfortunately, there are many factors you have to account for when opening any iGaming business. Luckily, Genome is here to help!

We prepared an extended guide on how to plan out your online casino opening. In it, we listed 10 steps you need to deal with before your casino is up and running.

Find out how the licensing works, what casino software you need, and, of course, how to select the right payment provider for your iGaming company. 

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