Genome’s month in review: March 2024

Genome’s month in review: March 2024

Well, spring is coming in on us fast, and we hope it makes you feel refreshed and revitalized! How about checking Genome’s latest updates? We have some interesting topics to share! 

Choose wisely: What should you look for in payment solutions for iGaming? 

The iGaming industry develops at a rapid pace, bringing entertainment to many clients around the world. However, the more this sphere grows, the more challenges it encounters, one of them is finding the right payment service provider. We would like to help with that! In our newest article, we described the cutting-edge payment solutions tailored specifically for the iGaming industry. 

We also explored the most common payment methods, regulatory challenges, and emerging trends for the iGaming businesses. Stay ahead of the game and optimize your iGaming platform’s financial ecosystem by choosing the right payment gateway! 

Stay informed: learn about loan fraud

Genome is back again with yet another educational, fraud-related article. This time, it’s about loan fraud. Delve into the deceptive tactics, evolving schemes, and technological advancements that allow scammers to push their crimes into the lending sphere.

We hope that this piece will help you gain valuable insights into the vulnerabilities of traditional lending models and discover innovative strategies to combat fraud. Whether you’re a financial institution, borrower, or industry enthusiast, our tips can assist you in navigating the complexities of loan fraud prevention!

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