Genome’s month in review: January 2024

Genome’s month in review: January 2024

Welcome to a new (and hopefully improved) year! Cheers to 2024 being a productive and prosperous year for you, your loved ones, and your partners. Genome’s team, in the meantime, has some updates to share. Learn more about the latest news below!

Meet up with Genome at upcoming February conferences

Our team continues engaging in different events to gain perspective on the needs of various client groups. And, of course, it is also important to get the latest news and insights on the development of financial, iGaming, and other industries. 

February is filled to the brim with exciting events and conferences for us! Genome will attend two impressive iGaming-related events – ICE 2024 and iGB Affiliate. Both provide a plethora of opportunities for conversation and networking for iGaming operators and affiliates. We are excited to be a part of them. And we are always open to meeting and booking with potential clients. 

Another important event is, of course, the Fintech Day 2024 – a conference dedicated to discussing innovation in the field of financial services. Our CEO, Daumantas Barauskas, will attend the conference. He will gladly meet with representatives of different companies during it. 

Consider getting a multi-currency account

Multi-currency accounts are a great feature the financial industry has to offer. They allow people holding many currencies within one account to receive and send funds. Thanks to that, people don’t have to open additional accounts and can save money on transfer fees.

The best part is that you can start multi-currency accounts inside Genome – an automatic feature for personal and business wallets. Find out how to open additional accounts on our platform and get all the benefits!

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Learn crucial tips on detecting wire transfer fraud

Security is one of the critical components Genome accounts for when developing our services. It is why members of our team are so well-versed in safety precautions for all things finances. 

Thus, it was time for us to share some of our knowledge and experience with clients.

In comes Genome’s one-pager on wire transfer fraud prevention for companies. In it, Genome’s Head of KYC, Deputy Head of AML, and Compliance, Džeineta Dalia Pumputytė, shares her insights based on years of involvement in the finance industry. She highlights ways to avoid wire transfer fraud and how to minimize potential losses if it occurs. It’s definitely an important read for anyone who takes the security of their business seriously.

We also recommend checking our blog, as it details even more information on wire transfer fraud protection. 

Get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Yes, the most romantic holiday is just around the corner – Valentine’s Day 2024. In regards to that, Genome posed an interesting question – do you even need to celebrate it this year? 

Our team presented some interesting statistics and offered pros and cons to help you decide the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Whether you choose to celebrate it or not, Genome hopes your February is filled with love and care!

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