Genome’s month in review: February 2024

Genome’s month in review: February 2024

As we bid adieu to the cold season, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring, bringing with it a fresh wave of news and updates. 

But don’t be in a hurry just yet – Genome has monthly updates to share with you! 

Take your security inside Genome to the next level!

Genome’s team always prioritizes the security of its clients. Not only do we implement advanced, industry-tested services for data and funds protection, but we also educate people on common fraudulent schemes.

We recently published an article explaining how enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) can significantly increase your protection against data breaches. Not only that, but some of the 2FA methods are more effective than others. 

Learn why biometric authentication is more secure than SMS and enable it for Genome in minutes!  

Learn about pharming (not the fun type!)

As the title suggests, we, unfortunately, are not talking about wholesome vegetable planting. 

Pharming scams are very dangerous, although not as prevalent as some other fraud types. This is mainly because they are complicated and require technical solutions to realize. Moreover, detecting them is more difficult than other, simpler scams. 

Our team explained how farming fraud occurs and what you can do to prevent it. 

Productive times at conferences

In February, Genome’s team participated in three prestigious events at once. We had a blast visiting ICE London 2024, the iGB Affiliate Conference, and Fintech Day 2024.

Our team had an exciting and productive time, as the first two events provided valuable insights into the iGaming industry development, while the third one was dedicated to innovation in the Fintech sphere. The best part was that we had a blast meeting up with clients and partners and sharing our expertise when it comes to the latest financial services.

Did you miss all the fun? No worries, you can contact Genome right now at to learn about our iGaming and Fintech-related features that can help you grow your business. You can also check our Events page if you’d like to book a meeting for the upcoming conferences! 

Be proactive with your account safety

Account takeovers remain a substantial threat on the internet. It evolves year after year as criminals develop new techniques for gaining unauthorized access to people’s accounts and data.

However, the issue can be mitigated if you remain aware of all the risks and are proactive when it comes to account protection. To help you keep up, Genome gathered crucial tips on how to prevent account takeovers. Definitely a worthy read if you want to stay safe online. 

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