Genome’s month in review: November 2023

Genome’s month in review: November 2023

With winter fast approaching, it is a perfect time to take a look back at Genome’s latest updates for the month of November. Learn more about the events our team visited and what’s new on our platform in this article.

A new partnership introduces Genome’s iGaming services to more clients

We have some exciting news for iGaming businesses! Genome partnered with Gamingtec – a provider of B2B software solutions for the iGaming industry. Gamintec is known for its diverse services for companies across the industry, which is why partnering with them is so important to us.

Thanks to this collaboration, companies that use Gamintec’s solutions can access Genome’s iGaming financial services directly via Gamintec’s interface. Thus, they no longer need to look for any other financial providers, getting our tailor-made features and tools for iGaming instead! 

Learn more about what we do for iGaming operators and marketing affiliates from these presentations

The iOS users get an upgrade for the transfer details section

Not so long ago, Genome released an update to improve our Transfer services. The new Transfer details section provides more information on the transfer status when you use the web version of Genome.

And now, this upgrade is also available for Genome users with iOS devices. You can see the details of the transfer once you send it. 

Use the feature to see the transfer’s status, estimated delivery date, and the history of bank transfers. The section will keep you updated on whether a transfer was sent, verified, received, or declined.

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SiGMA Europe was a success!

Genome’s team attended the renowned conference for the iGaming businesses – SiGMA 2023. We had an exhilarating and fruitful experience at SiGMA Europe, as we had a lot of meetings with companies interested in Genome’s iGaming financial services. 

Moreover, our team attended SiGMA’s famous brand exhibition, engaging with numerous innovative and forward-thinking enterprises along the journey. 

If you are interested in Genome’s solutions for iGaming, feel free to contact us at

Productive times at Call and Contact Centre Expo

Right as you read this blog, a Call and Contact Centre Expo 2023 comes to an end, taking place November 29-30th. 

The Expo was a great experience for Genome. It allowed our team to explore innovative technologies in the customer support sphere and engage and share ideas with other experts.

Look out for further updates and photos from Call and Contact Centre Expo on our social media. 

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