Genome’s year in a review: 2023

Genome’s year in a review: 2023

The year is almost over, and the Genome’s team can’t be happier! After all, it is time to celebrate all the hard work and achievements!  

As we reflect on 2023, our team aims to share key updates and noteworthy news about Genome – presented in no specific order.

Delivering our iGaming financial services to more businesses 

Our team continuously works on and improves services for iGaming companies. All these features are tailor-made to please the customers’ most anticipated wants and demands. 

One of the key developments in this direction was our partnership with Gamingtec. Gamintec is one of the leading B2B software solutions providers for the iGaming industry. Thanks to the partnership, its clients can now access Genome’s services via Gamintec’s interface – no need to look for another payment provider.

You can learn more about our iGaming features in detailed presentations for operators and marketing affiliates. 

Special offer for Lithuanian companies

We at Genome enjoy supporting countries, individuals, and businesses that need help. Previously, we had special pricing discounts during the first years of the pandemic to help relieve the pressure of lockdowns on businesses.

In 2023, we decided to show our appreciation to Lithuanian companies, as Genome is based in this country. Thus, we introduced special pricing for Lithuanian businesses. We canceled account opening and monthly account fees for low-risk companies, as well as lowered SEPA transfer prices. 

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Genome takes on the conferences!

The year was busy for our team as we participated in multiple events and conferences! SiGMA Europe, SBC Summit, Money 20/20, and Slush, to name a few! 

Our team enjoys attending, as it is a great opportunity to gain experience, meet experts from different industries, and learn something new. One of the best parts is that we also meet up with our clients and potential customers during such events.

To make the meeting booking process more convenient, we created a separate Events page, which highlights all the conferences our team will be attending. This way, you can learn more about the events themselves and book a meeting with us in just a few clicks! 

Money transfers overhaul and future surprises! 

Genome’s money transfer services got some updates in 2023. First of all, we made the transfer information more detailed. The improved Transfer details section now contains information on the status, estimated delivery date, and history of bank transfers. Our clients can also check if the transfer was sent, verified, received, or declined.

We also implemented transfer templates for Genome users to save time when sending regular payments. Create templates for any transfer you want, and never miss the payment date!

In addition, you can now use the IBAN scanner – a handy tool that allows scanning the beneficiary’s International Bank Account Number. No need to fill it out manually, wasting time and double-checking every digit.

Last but not least, Genome has updated how we calculate transfer limits. The limits are now counted starting from the 1st day of the calendar month/year and ending on the last day of the month/year, respectively. The process was significantly simplified so clients could track their transfer limits more easily. 

These changes have significantly improved the money transfer process while our team prepares for the next big thing! In 2023, Genome received official approval to implement SEPA Instant transfers. Our team is working on the feature and hopes to share it with clients as soon as possible.

Be on the lookout for this money transfer update and more!

Updated pricing for corporate virtual cards

We know how crucial virtual cards can be for a company. Not only can they be used for smart expense separation and management, but they can also be utilized for one-time purchases, subscriptions, media buying, etc. We also heard our clients’ feedback, signaling that they require a lot of cards.

Genome is happy to deliver! Our team changed the pricing for corporate virtual card activation. Previously, you would pay 1 euro per card for the first 10 cards you activate. Starting from the 11th card, the activation fee would increase to 5 euros per card. 

However, now business wallet users can activate 100 virtual cards for just 1 EUR/card, with a fee increase starting after the 101st virtual card! Get as many corporate virtual cards as your company needs and start using them instantly!

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We grow and develop thanks to you!

In 2023, our team was able to show results not only when it came to product development. We are happy to share the Bank of Lithuania’s data. Genome has become the 6th biggest electronic money institution (EMI) in Lithuania among 92 other EMIs regarding client funds turnover for the 1st half of 2023. We were also able to increase our team by 16%, having experienced and dedicated specialists in 12 locations worldwide.

All that would be impossible without our clients’ support, and we are extremely grateful! Our team will continue developing new exciting features to create the best banking experience for them!

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