Genome’s month in review: March 2023

Genome’s month in review: March 2023

That’s right, here comes another one! Our traditional month in review is here! Our team wants to go through the main news and updates Genome had in March, and we are taking you along! Let’s begin!

Save time with transfer templates 

We implemented a new feature for clients to navigate their money transfer processes more easily. You can now create transfer templates for any single payment inside Genome.

This process lets you plan better and waste less time on regular payments! To use a template, go to the Transfers tab and find the Templates section there. Or, you can save any payment as a template when you are on its final Transfer successful page.

Use the Genome app for quick confirmation 

Our team enabled a new confirmation method for log-ins and other processes inside Genome. You can now do so using our app!

All you have to do is install and activate the Genome app on your iOS or Android device! The mobile app confirmation will work by default. 

Using it, you can log into Genome’s web version, as well as confirm outgoing transfers, CVV checks, and other actions requiring two-factor authentication. It is much more efficient than using SMS confirmation! 

Saving and sending money: some tips for companies

Throughout March, we published some articles for people to understand some of the financial processes better. Two of these were dedicated to businesses and their money management.

In the first article, our team gave some essential tips on how companies can save funds and better manage their expenses. The second article is regarding international money transfers and methods businesses can use to send them. 

Alternatives to traditional banking

Last but not least, we continue our cycle of articles dedicated to different types of financial institutions. 

This time, we focused on alternative banking. Have you heard of such a term before? Our team highly recommends checking out the article to find out all about it! 

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