Genome’s month in review: September 2023

Genome’s month in review: September 2023

Are you ready for the spookiest month of the year? Don’t be in a hurry – you still have time to check Genome’s month in review for September!

This time, we have a couple of small but essential product updates and more informative articles to help with your finance management!  

Speed up your payments with the IBAN scanner

Clients using the Genome app on their Android devices can now make payments faster. The team created an IBAN scanner, which allows clients to scan the IBAN when sending money to someone instead of filling it out manually.

Here is how you can use it:

  1. Open the Genome app and click on the Transfers tab at the bottom of the screen;
  2. When there, select the Bank transfer option;
  3. Once it’s time to fill out the beneficiary’s details, you will see the IBAN scanner icon next to the beneficiary’s account/IBAN field;
  4. Click on it and scan the IBAN – it will automatically appear in the beneficiary’s account/IBAN field!   

Track your transfers with the updated Transfer details section

The Genome’s team improved the Transfer details section to better inform clients about payments they have made. 

We added a Status tracking module that allows you to see the status, estimated delivery date, and history of bank transfers. Not only that, but it also notifies clients if the transfer was sent, verified, received, or declined. 

You can easily access the section from your web dashboard. To do so, just click on the transfer in question, and the Transfer details section will appear in the right corner of the screen. 

Start benefiting from client-oriented fintechs

Genome’s team knows a lot about seamless, easy-to-access financial services, as we constantly implement and work on them! Thus, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience, and great experts from the e-Residency helped us with that.

In the article published in the e-Residency blog, our team explained how client-oriented banking services came to be and what advantages clients get from using them. Definitely recommend checking it out! 

Consider planning the next meet-up with Genome’s team

From 19-21 September, Genome’s sales team lead, Ioannis Chatziathanasiou, and partnerships manager, Justinas Stašys, attended the SBC Summit Barcelona. Not only did they have a great time talking to multiple experts from the industry, but they also met up with Genome’s clients and potential customers.

If you want to talk to Genome’s team in person, don’t miss your chance! Our business development manager, Tomas Šeikis, will attend the Payment Market Conference RIGA on 25-26 October. Book a meeting with him to discuss Genome’s virtual and physical Visa cards and other financial services relevant to your business!

Learn to set financial goals 

Financial goals are a part of any business. But, have you considered if you set those goals correctly? Or, maybe you are looking for some examples of financial goals. 

Either way, Genome’s tips on how to set business financial goals and what companies should pay attention to can be very helpful. Read all about it to be sure that you do everything the right way!

Protect your financial data when online 

Online banking, although very convenient and fast, can be unsafe. It is easier for fraudsters to steal your money and data via the internet, where you can’t see them. 

Thus, you need to be extra cautious when performing financial operations online. Our team compiled a list of safety precautions for a more secure online banking experience. 

Explore different types of non-banks

You may wonder, “Can a non-bank even be considered a reliable financial institution?”. And we are here to confirm – yes, it is. Although they differ from traditional banks and payment service providers, non-banks also have useful financial features from which an individual or company can benefit. 

Genome explained how non-banks differ from other financial institutions and described some of the popular non-bank company types. 

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