You can now get 100 virtual corporate cards for just 1 EUR/card instead of 5 EUR/card

You can now get 100 virtual corporate cards for just 1 EUR/card instead of 5 EUR/card

Genome’s corporate virtual cards are great alternatives to physical ones when it comes to online and contactless payments. You don’t have to carry them around, can’t lose them, and can use them just minutes after placing an order. 

Our team ensured that any company could apply for virtual cards in seconds and manage them just as easily. We understand that businesses will likely need more than one card – be it for their authorized employees to make corporate purchases or for media buying purposes. And today, we are ready to share some exciting news! 

If you are thinking about getting more cards for your business – now is the best time to do so! Genome has updated its pricing, allowing all business wallet users to activate 10 times more virtual cards for a lower price!

Here’s what has changed:

Before, the corporate virtual card activation fee was 1 euro per card for the first 10 cards and went up to 5 euros per card from the 11th card. But from 10 August 2023, you can activate 100 corporate virtual cards for just 1 EUR/card. The fee will increase to 5 EUR/card only after you activate your 101st virtual card!

If you already have 1 or more active or closed virtual cards, the countdown for how many cards you can get for 1 euro ends at the 100 mark. To put it simply, if you already have 11 active and 7 closed virtual corporate cards, you can activate 82 more cards for 1 EUR/card.

Get as many virtual corporate cards as you need in minutes! To do so:

  1. Log into Genome via the web version or the app;
  2. Go to the Cards menu and order a new virtual card;
  3. Confirm your card details and start using the card right after your order is confirmed!

Our corporate virtual Visa cards are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Garmin Pay-compatible, meaning you can make contactless payments as well as online purchases. Issue virtual cards for employees, ads buying, and other corporate expenses. Track all the card operations online at all times with the ability to authorize all outgoing payments for extra security! 

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