Genome’s month in review: May 2023

Genome’s month in review: May 2023

Hello again! It’s Summer already, but we can’t celebrate quite yet, as we first need to discuss Genome’s updates that occurred in May. Find out about the hot topics we covered in our blog down below!

Educating people on scams 

Times change, and unfortunately, fraudulent schemes change and evolve with them. Nowadays, there are dozens of ways people and companies can be scammed. It results in their data and funds being stolen or used for malicious purposes. That’s why Genome’s team believes it is crucial to highlight and talk about different fraudulent cases so that clients can recognize and prevent them.

In May, we covered two widespread scams. The first one is smishing, which you may recognize as a part of phishing fraud cases. And the second article covers account takeovers – how they occur and what you can do to prevent them. 

Bank statements: why do you need them?

You may not consider a bank statement the most important financial tool in your arsenal. But it is essential nonetheless. How so? Well, you can find out in our article regarding bank statements.

If you ever wonder how you can benefit from a bank statement or are unsure how to generate it – this article is for you!

Listing the best features of an account

If you are looking for a bank account, pricing shouldn’t be your only criterion! Today, financial institutions offer multiple services that can make your banking experience much smoother!

In this article, we listed the most crucial features of an account, which should serve as a basis when choosing an account among different financial institutions. 

Explaining how to switch business accounts

Sometimes, you just have to switch your business bank account, but the prospects of dealing with it are too jarring. No worries – it is easier than it seems! 

Check Genome’s article “How to switch business bank accounts.” In it, our team explores the main reasons why companies consider switching business accounts and lead you through the steps of how to do it. 

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