Support Ukraine: Genome introduces the resource for donations to Ukrainians

Support Ukraine: Genome introduces the resource for donations to Ukrainians

On February 24th, 2022, the lives of millions of people changed dramatically. For these millions of Ukrainians, their whole world turned upside down as Russia started a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. 

Months later, the war continues, bringing devastation, destruction, and death. We hear of the horrors of war daily: both grownups and children have to abandon their homes, get separated, lose limbs, and perish due to Russian troops and shelling. 

Genome’s team feels incredible sorrow towards these people: based in Lithuania, we see Ukrainians as our dear and valuable friends, many of us have acquaintances, relatives, and loved ones in Ukraine. We want the war to end as soon as possible and try to contribute to this crucial global cause. Previously, Genome has donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and we strongly encourage you to also show support.

Genome has created a separate page, using which you can donate to one of the organizations to support the people of Ukraine and their pets. You can donate directly to the Estonian Refugee Council, Gyvunu Geroves Iniciatyvos, or “Maisto bankas”. 

The Estonian Refugee Council has been providing various humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons in Ukraine and people living close to the front line since 2014.

In recent years, the organization’s activities in Ukraine include:

  • Distribution of medical, hygiene, and food packages to internally displaced persons and residents of settlements bordering the front line in Donetsk, Luhansk, and Zaporizhia oblasts;
  • Giving winterization and agricultural support to the people living close to the front line;
  • School support to children;    
  • Supporting East Ukraine’s internally displaced persons and people living close to the front line in starting small businesses to help them achieve long-term independent coping;
  • Medical aid projects;
  •  Camps for internally displaced children and children with special needs on Khortytsia Island, Zaporizhia;
  • Sending volunteer specialists to eastern Ukraine;

The Gyvunu Geroves Iniciatyvos aims to help Ukrainian animals: it collects funds to support animals from Ukraine. The charity helps to:

  • Evacuate animals from Ukraine;
  • Collect food and treats for pets;
  • Support Ukrainian animal shelters financially;
  • Find people that would be able to adopt pets from Ukraine.

The “Maisto bankas” is a Lithuanian support fund that provides people in need with food, simultaneously fighting food waste. 

It distributes food cards for Ukrainian refugees so that they can buy what they need;

It also collects donations to help Ukrainians settle their lives in Lithuania: the money goes to food, clothes, hygiene products, medicines, psychosocial help, and much more. 

On the page, you can also find the links to other verified fundraisers, charities, and donation websites supporting Ukraine. 

Please help stop the violence today – every donation counts! Glory to Ukraine! 

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