Genome’s month in review: March 2022

Genome’s month in review: March 2022

The spring flows so quickly and delightfully, and so are Genome’s updates! We have important news to share this month, so let’s cover it all in this blog post!

The latest on merchant services

 It is never late to launch an online business, as the eCommerce industry grows more popular and offers more accommodations to companies each year. And if you have decided 2022 is the year for that, our team has written some informative articles!

The first one covers all the basics of online trade. If you are still unsure how to set up your e-commerce website and what else you need, then the article on how to accept payments via the internet is for you. Not only that, but we also listed the most competent and popular merchant account providers of the current ear. In the article, you can learn about the benefits and services and compare these! 

More tutorials and FAQ articles for Genome users

New users find out about the platform each day, and many of them have questions about features and services. We hear you and deliver!

First of all, we gathered some of the most common questions new clients have:

– How to top up the wallet via SEPA transfers?

– Why was the verification rejected?

– How to order physical and virtual cards, and why were orders denied?

All these and more a covered in the article

Our team has created a detailed tutorial describing how you can top up wallets and make transfers within Genome, to your cards and banks. Speaking of the latter, there’s also a new article about SEPA and how to send and receive funds within the EU, which is always a timely question. 

Last but not least, Our team explained which security services and features we offer for all clients – from personal wallet users to businesses and merchants. Learn how safe your funds and cards are here

Go contactless with Google Pay

Genome’s virtual Visa cards have become even better! All because now they are Google Pay compatible. It means that you can pay contactless with your phone at any place supporting Google Pay transactions. 

It is truly a milestone for us, as Genome strives to keep all its services completely digital, secure, and easy to use. Find out how to set up Google Pay for your virtual card in this article.

Helping Ukrainians to our best ability

We left what’s genuinely crucial today for last. It has been over a month since the beginning of Russia’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian people don’t give up and continue dedicating all their physical and mental strength to protect their country and freedom. Day after day, Ukrainians fall victim to war, families get separated, their houses and cities – are destroyed.

As a company that comes from a fellow European nation, Genome tries to help the people of Ukraine to the best ability. We have donated 20 000 euros to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, and you can do so as well – the account details for donations are here. Ukraine is a part of Europe, and what’s happening there today can occur in any European country tomorrow. 

Genome also started a special initiative for Ukrainians to strengthen our efforts – we have canceled some of the service fees and decreased others for account opening. With it, Ukrainian people can start accounts in euros, British pounds, and US dollars, use instant internal transfers to send money to family members, and get virtual cards in minutes. For more details, please visit this page