Genome is now available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID users

Genome is now available for PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID users

Pushing the envelope is what our team enjoys doing when it comes to making Genome more accessible for merchants. And this time, we made it possible for the users of PrestaShop, OpenCart, and OXID platforms to join Genome’s family.

What, you think you are required to fill in lots of documents and wait for an update for days? Not a chance – it takes minutes, as you only need a plugin for a specific platform to experience seamless payment processing with Genome.

With us, you can open as many merchant accounts as you want and treat your customers with a plethora of traditional and alternative payment methods. Our clients are heavily protected from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions with Covery anti-fraud platform. And right now, if you are a company owner in Lithuania, you won’t need to pay any service fees and will get a discount for SEPA transfer fees till the end of November. 

How to complete the Genome – PrestaShop/OpenCart/OXID integration:

  1. Make sure you’re done with an onboarding process and now have an active merchant account within Genome. Feel free to check out our detailed tutorial on how to open a merchant account. From there on, you need to download a ZIP file with a PrestaShop, OpenCart, or OXID plugin module. 
  2. Log into and create a new payment page. After that, you will see a “general” tab, where public and secret keys are generated automatically. You will need those keys to complete the installation. 
  3. After you’ve downloaded the ZIP file, visit the e-commerce portal of your choice, and install the plugin. Confirm the installation using Genome’s public and secret keys. For more information, please refer to Genome’s documentation.

And that’s it – you can now process payments using Genome. If you have any further questions, please write us an email, or contact us directly through an online chat in the right lower corner of Genome’s website.

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