Genome is now available in 5 more languages

Genome is now available in 5 more languages

Sometimes having a secure and agile PSP platform is not enough, as it should also be easy to use and comprehensible for your clients. And we at Genome are working exactly on that.

We are proud to announce that Genome got localized to five more languages, which are: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Norwegian – all for our clients’ convenience. 

Changing the language is really simple – just go to and, before logging in, pick the language option you prefer in the upper center of the screen, near the “Terms of use” tab.


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The same feature is also available for Genome app users, which you can download for free from both Google Play and App Store. To switch the language, log into the app, and click on the left upper tab. Scroll down and press the “Language” button, situated between “Support request” and “Legal & policy”. 

You can always contact us through our online support chat, or via email if you have any questions or issues with Genome’s localization. 

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