Genome’s month in review: August 2023

Genome’s month in review: August 2023

Summer is over, but the excitement remains – it is time for Genome’s new month in review! August was fruitful: we unveiled a new feature, lowered prices, introduced new website pages, and more. Learn about it all below!  

Try out privacy mode for Android!

Our team added one more feature to enhance your customer experience and security. All Genome clients that use Android devices to access the Genome app can now enable a privacy mode. 

This mode allows you to hide balance and turnover amounts when using the app. It is an extremely useful feature when you are in public and don’t want anyone else to see the financial operations you performed – be it accidentally or maliciously. 

There are two ways you can turn on the privacy mode:

  • When using the app, press and hold the Balance field on the main page of the Genome dashboard to enable or disable the mode;
  • Or you can tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the app and open the Security tab. There, you’ll see a privacy mode switch.

Get 10 times more virtual corporate cards for just 1 EUR/card

Corporate virtual cards are of great convenience to businesses: they are easy to order and available to use immediately. Not to mention, day-to-day company operations require multiple cards, for instance, for media buying

That’s why our team made corporate virtual cards even more accessible! Genome has updated the pricing: business wallet clients can now activate the first 100 virtual Visa cards for just 1 euro per card instead of just 10 cards. The card activation fee increases to 5 EUR/card after the 100th card.

Meet up with Genome’s team at the top conferences!

We enjoy meeting financial experts and potential clients when the opportunity comes. After all, there is always time for an interesting discussion regarding payments, banking services, the iGaming industry, and so on.

And now, meeting up with Genome’s team face-to-face is even easier to discuss what we can do for your business! We introduce the Events page, which contains all the latest information on the conferences and events the team will attend! Here, you can book a meeting with Genome’s team members during the conferences! 

By the way, the next event we will attend is SBC Summit Barcelona on 19-21 September 2023 – book a meeting while there’s still time! 

Take notes on common financial mistakes 

No business is immune to making mistakes, regardless of size, location, or capital. After all, it can even be a good learning experience. However, accumulating financial mistakes and not taking care of them can seriously harm your company. 

That’s why our team gathered some of the most common mishaps a business can make when it comes to finances. It’s definitely a worthy read if you want to know what to pay attention to.

Learn how to avoid ATM skimming

Financial fraud comes in many shapes and sizes and can, unfortunately, find a way into your routine errands. That’s why it is crucial to know about different types of scams and recognize them.

In August, we continued educating people on fraud and covered ATM skimming. Find out how criminals use skimming devices to steal your card data when you use automatic teller machines and how to prevent it.

Take a deeper look at your cash flow

Did you know that there are three common cash flow types a business can have? Moreover, different formulas are used to calculate them. It is all a part of cash flow management, which is crucial for keeping your company up and running.

When writing about cash flow, we explained the different types of money inflows and outflows, how they are calculated, and how to properly manage the cash flow. 

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