Genome cards, part one: card order, limits, contactless payments

Genome cards, part one: card order, limits, contactless payments

One of the main goals of Genome’s team is to make financial services as accessible and user-friendly as possible. And we commit to this goal completely. 

That’s why you are now reading this article, as we wanted to clarify some of the questions you might have regarding our cards. This topic is actually pretty vast, and we will break it into several parts. So be on the lookout for part two pretty soon!

How to order Genome cards?

Genome provides virtual and physical debit Visa cards for personal and business wallet owners. Virtual cards can be used for online and contactless payments. And with physical cards, you can make payments anywhere in the world, as long as the place where you use them supports Visa cards. 

Here’s the pricing for ordering our card options.

PricingPersonal virtual cardsPersonal physical cardsCorporate virtual cardsCorporate physical cards
Card activation1 EURFree1 EURFree
Card issuingFreeFreeFree10 EUR
Card deliveryNo delivery, the card exists in a digital form8 EURNo delivery, the card exists in a digital form8 EUR

Please note that before ordering any card, you need to make sure that you have enough money in your account to pay card activation, card issuing, and card delivery fees. Otherwise, we will have to reject your card order. 

Now, to order a card, you need to:

  • Access the Genome dashboard, and go to the Cards menu. 
  • When there, press the plus sign next to the Genome cards section if you use the desktop version. Scroll right and press the Add card option if you use the app.
  • Pick which card type you want to order: virtual or physical. Select the account you want to link the card with.
  • Confirm all the card details.

What will happen next?

A virtual card will be available to you online, inside Genome’s app, after the successful order. If you need a physical card, it will be delivered to you – make sure your PO box is secured, as the delivery is made via unregistered mail. Also, when ordering the card, please double-check your address.

What are the card transaction limits? 

Once you get access to your card, it is essential to learn about your card transaction limits. Because, if your card transaction gets declined, the common reason is that you exceeded the limits.

Genome’s personal and business wallets have transfer limits, meaning you can only send and receive a certain amount of funds within a month or a year. Here’s the detailed article on Genome’s transfer limits.   

The card transactions are also a part of general transfer limits. It means that you can’t spend more than your transfer limit allows when you pay using your card. 

For instance, your basic account limit on the outgoing payments for a personal wallet is 1000 EUR per year. So, you can’t spend more than 1000 euros when making purchases with your card. 

You can request to increase your account transfer limits – from the dashboard (web version only), go to the Settings menu, and choose the Limits section. To increase the limit, you need to fill out a quick questionnaire. Once we review and approve your request, the transfer limit will be increased. Accordingly, your card transaction limits will increase as well.

You can find your current card transaction limits in the Cards menu. Click on your card and pick the Limits tab. There you will see the following information:

  • The limits for a single ATM withdrawal;
  • The limits for daily ATM withdrawals;
  • The limits for a single payment made via POS;
  • The limits for daily payments made via POS;
  • The limits for a single online payment;
  • The limits for daily online payments;

Below you will find the Change limits button. Click on it if you want to set other limits for card transaction operations.

How to use Apple Pay/Google Pay with Genome’s cards?

Both virtual and physical Genome cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing you to use these payment methods online or as a contactless option via your phone.

Before using the contactless feature, ensure that your phone or smartwatch, which runs on Android or iOS, has NFC enabled.

For Apple Pay:

  • Log into the Genome app on your phone. From the dashboard, go to the Cards menu.
  • Choose a card you want to link and click the Add to Apple Wallet button.

For Google Pay:

  • Log into the Genome app on your phone. From the dashboard, go to the Cards menu.
  • Choose a card you want to link and click the Add to Google Pay button.

If, for some reason, you can’t add the Genome card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, please get in touch with our support team by calling this number: +37052141409. 

Important: please call us only from the number you used for registration at Genome. 

This concludes our blog for today. Soon, our team will write another article describing more card features and how you can use them to your advantage. Stay tuned for that!