Opening a business account at a bank might be worrisome, as you are never quite sure about the ever-changing requirements and documents needed to start one. And sometimes you don’t have any free time to spend on multiple visits to the banking institutions – especially now when it’s better to minimize unnecessary contacts due to the pandemic.Thankfully, there is a faster and safer alternative like Genome, where you can open multiple personal, business IBANs or merchant accounts completely online – no need to waste time or risk your wellbeing.Using Genome’s business IBAN you can send low-cost internal, SEPA, and SWIFT

Sometimes dealing with banks might be frustrating. For example, to open a personal account you are required to visit a banking institution, most of which don’t work 24/7 and are often crowded, which is something we all try to avoid. And if your business days tend to be busy you really don’t want to waste any time dealing with things like that. You know the saying, modern problems require modern solutions, and luckily, we’ve got one for you – Genome. With our Electronic Money Institution Licence, you can open multiple personal IBAN accounts, which allows you to send low-cost money