Genome cards, part two: card features

Genome cards, part two: card features

Not so long ago, the Genome team published a blog dedicated to our virtual and physical cards and contactless payment features. And, as promised, it’s time for part two of the topic.

This time, we will focus more on the card features within Genome. Learn what you can do with your cards in this blog. 

Card activation

Now, before using the card’s services, note that your virtual card is activated within 5 minutes after you order it. The same applies to your physical card if you want to use it for online payments. To activate your physical card for contactless or any other type of payment, you need to make a Chip & PIN transaction at any point of sale, check your card balance at the ATM, or make a cash withdrawal at the ATM.

If your card is not activated within 60 days of the card issuance, the card will be blocked automatically. To unblock it, you need to contact us at 

The features of the virtual and physical Genome cards

To learn more about what you can do with your Genome card, you first need to open the dashboard and go to the cards menu. There, you will find more information on the cards’ functionality. Let’s cover it point by point:

Linked accounts

In this tab, you can see the account that is currently linked to your virtual or physical card and how much money it contains. You can also change the account you want to be linked to the card. Remember that you can have three currency options: EUR, USD, and GBP. Just make sure you have enough funds for purchases in said currencies. 

Card info

This tab contains your CVV and a card number, which you can copy if necessary. 


Here you can find a couple of options regarding your card operations:

  1. Block card. It will allow you to block your card in case of an emergency instantly. You can also unblock it afterward.
  2. Change PIN. Here you can change the PIN used for your physical card.
  3. Security. This section differs between virtual and physical cards. Regarding virtual cards, in this section, you can enable or disable online payments (on websites or in apps) and payments from your card to another (person-to-person payments). For physical cards, you can switch on or off:
  • EU ATM withdrawals;
  • Non-EU ATM withdrawals (money withdrawals at the ATMs outside the European Union);
  • Online payments (on websites and in apps);
  • Payments from your card to another (person-to-person payments);
  • Contactless payments (payments made with your contactless physical card in terminals using a chip);
  • Magnetic stripe payments (payments made with your physical card in terminals using a magnetic stripe).
  1. Conversion to euro. You can switch on this option in order to charge euros when your accounts in other currencies don’t have enough funds on them.
  2. Order a new card. Please note that you can order a new card only if the existing card expires, is blocked, or closed.
  3. Report as lost or stolen. You can quickly notify us if your card was stolen or lost. The feature works for physical cards exclusively.
  4. Close card. Allows you to close your current card. Please note that this action is irreversible.


You can find all the card transaction limits and change them in this section. The list includes:

  • The limits for a single ATM withdrawal;
  • The limits for daily ATM withdrawals;
  • The limits for a single payment made via POS;
  • The limits for daily payments made via POS;
  • The limits for a single online payment;
  • The limits for daily online payments;

We described in great detail how the card limits work in our previous article.

The menu also contains card statements, where you can download a statement regarding your card operations for a specific period of time.