Virtual and physical cards are now available for personal wallets!

Virtual and physical cards are now available for personal wallets!

When establishing Genome, our team made sure that the platform is not only secure but convenient to use during everyday occurrences. After all, Genome’s services are always available online – from account opening to money transfers, etc. And now, we have another crucial feature to complete your perfect online payments experience!

Introducing virtual and physical debit cards for our personal wallet owners! Recently, Genome released two types of cards for corporate clients. So, doing the same thing for individuals that use Genome is a great follow-up! Let’s see what you are getting with our cards:

Take your physical Visa card anywhere with you!

Using cards for everyday payments has become very common. And Genome now has debit cards for this purpose! Receive salaries and payments, make money transfers and track every card operation through Genome.

The best part? You don’t even need to leave the house to get one. Genome Visa cards are available for order online and will be delivered to you. 

You can use your physical card anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted – stores, ATMs, restaurants, etc. And if you travel a lot and worry about your funds’ safety – request that your card won’t have any info printed on it. This way, if the card gets stolen or lost, other people can’t access your card number/CVV/expiry date.

How to order a personal physical Genome card:

1. Log into Genome. If you still don’t have a personal wallet – it is about time to get one! It is easy, as you will only need access to the computer, phone, and your ID. More information on the onboarding is here.

2. Once you are using the platform, go to the Top Menu and choose the “Card” section. When there, pick the physical card option.

3. Link the account you prefer (no matter if in EUR, GBP, USD) to the card and fill in the necessary information.

Get to online payments within minutes with virtual Genome cards

Don’t feel like obtaining another plastic card? Have yourself a card that exists entirely online! Genome virtual cards are easy to use for purchases online. Genome clients can use it right after applying for it.

You can start multiple virtual cards in different currencies and pay with the one that’s most beneficial in each situation. Multi-currency virtual cards are available in euros, British pounds, and US dollars – use them and avoid drastic exchange rates.

Your personal virtual card will always be at your service – inside Genome. Track your operations with it and plan payments.

How to order a personal virtual Genome card:

1. Log into Genome or start a personal wallet. Genome allows opening multiple accounts with your wallet and in different currencies too! Check out our page on multi-currency accounts.

2. To order a card, go to the Card section, which can be found in the Top Menu. Choose the virtual card option.

3. Pick the account you want to link to your virtual debit card and fill in the necessary data.

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