Genome corporate cards are finally here!

Genome corporate cards are finally here!

After a long time of preparation, testing, and hard work, Genome’s team is proud to announce – our physical and virtual Genome cards now available for order! It means that if you successfully passed the BKYC and have a business wallet within Genome you can get a debit corporate card of your choice!

Receive a corporate virtual card right away!

Tired of using plastic cards? Go digital with our virtual corporate Visa cards – something no one can steal, as your data is protected within Genome! Make fast and secure online payments and track all your business transactions anytime online.

You can start multiple virtual cards for different purposes and in different currencies – EUR, GBP, USD, depending on which of your accounts you will link your card with. You can pick preferable currencies when making payments – so no worries about hidden interbank fees.

How to get your virtual corporate card:

1. Log into Genome. If you don’t have a business wallet on our platform – get one with a quick online application;

2. Go to the “Card” section situated in the Top Menu. When there, choose the virtual card option;

3. All that’s left to do is link your Genome account of choice to the card and fill in/verify the necessary data;

Get your physical Visa corporate card delivered to you!

Need a well-protected, universal debit card for your business-related expenses? We’ve got you covered with our stylish matte black Visa corporate cards.

The card is great for international business trips – any ATM or store that accepts Visa cards is at your service. And the corporate cards can be used just as easily for online purchases! And just as in the case with our virtual cards, you will be able to overlook each operation with your debit physical card online – via Genome!

Stop worrying about losing your physical Visa card once and for all: request that your card won’t contain a number/CVV2/expiry date on them. This way, no other person will be able to use it. You will still have all your data at hand – within Genome!

We will deliver your corporate card directly to your office alongside a special surprise! Get onto another level of protection with Genome security token! A business wallet owner can use it to confirm each outgoing payment and prevent unauthorized transactions. Find out more about the token here.

How to order a corporate physical Visa card:

1. Pass an online onboarding for the business wallet. If you already have one within Genome, just log in;

2. Find the Top Menu and click on the “Card” section. When there, choose the physical card option;

3. Link the account you want and fill in the information necessary. Your card will soon arrive in the mail!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at More great updates and news to come, so keep up with Genome’s blog and social media!

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