SWIFT transfers are now available at Genome (disabled as of March – April 2023)

SWIFT transfers are now available at Genome (disabled as of March – April 2023)

*Please note that Genome temporarily disabled SWIFT transfers and Faster Payments for personal wallet users as of March 24, 2023. SWIFT transfers and Faster Payments will also be disabled for business wallet users from April 12, 2023.

The finance industry is very fast-paced and global. That’s why our team works hard on bringing the most crucial features to help our clients keep up. And that’s where SWIFT transfers come into place – the most used messaging network for money transfers that covers the entire world!

Now, outgoing and incoming SWIFT* transfers are available for companies and individuals that use Genome’s services via the web version of our platform. You can send SWIFT* payments in euros, US dollars, and British pounds.

So, how do you send SWIFT* transfers from your personal/business Genome account? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into Genome’s web version. If you still haven’t joined us, no worries – you can apply for the personal or business wallet online anytime you feel like it;
  • Go to the Transfers tab and choose the Bank transfer option;
  • To make a payment, you will need the beneficiary’s name and their account details (BIC and IBAN, or account number and sort code) – it all depends on which country you transfer funds to. Genome will display the fields you need to fill in according to the recipient’s country.
  •  Enter the payment amount and fill in the description. That’s it!

To receive SWIFT transfers, you need to copy your account details. Find the account details on the main dashboard under the account balance. Press the SWIFT button to unfold them.  

Regarding fees, Genome utilizes the SHA payment instruction. Meaning that you will pay the outgoing transfer fees while the beneficiary will pay the charges applied by other banks.

Genome also provides other types of transfers! You can use SEPA for speedy payments within Europe. There are also instant transfers – make these within seconds to other Genome users.

Hope you enjoy seamless and secure transfers while our team works on other exciting updates on the platform!