Garmin Pay is here! Go full-contactless with Genome

Garmin Pay is here! Go full-contactless with Genome

Our team at Genome knows the true value of digitalization. As we provide all our services entirely online, making financial operations for our clients much more straightforward and not bounding ourselves to the inconvenience of physical branches. And we want all Genome users to feel free of nuisances when making payments.

Thus, we continue implementing more contactless options by now providing the Garmin Pay payment method! It means that now any owner of Garmin watches with Garmin Pay-enabled can pay using Genome’s cards. It is available for personal and business wallet users with virtual or physical Genome debit cards.      

Garmin Pay

This option allows taking contactless payments to a whole new level: you don’t have to carry around cash or your phone! All you need is your Garmin watch with a Genome card linked to it – run errands, do sports, go shopping, and have all that you need on your wrist!

So, how do you link your Genome card to your Garmin watch?

  1. If you haven’t already, download the Garmin Connect app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Garmin Devices and choose your watch.
  3. Then go to Garmin Pay. 
  4. Add your Genome card and follow further instructions. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this new update while we continue working on more contactless features and other services to make your financial experience more freeing and effortless! 

Genome’s got you with yet another contactless option! We have enabled Garmin Pay for clients that have Garmin watches that support such a feature. Want to link your Genome card to your watch for quick and effortless payments? Find out in the blog!

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