Genome’s month in review: February 2023

Genome’s month in review: February 2023

Goodbye, winter! The next season is upon us with more news and updates. But before Spring commences, let’s take a look at Genome’s February articles! 

Neobanks decoded

We continue our good tradition of explaining different types of financial institutions, so people can better understand which option will be the most preferable for them.

In February, our team covered neobanks, helping clients understand what they are by describing their services and providing examples of such institutions. We also answered the important question regarding the security of neobanks.

The meaning of host-to-host in banking

Host-to-host is less common of a term than money transfers or credit cards. Nonetheless, it is an essential part of financial services. 

In banking, there are two main features associated with it: host-to-host payments and host-to-host payment pages. In this article, we explained the meaning of both and how clients can use them! You can also find out which types of payment pages Genome provides.

Helping out e-commerce companies

E-commerce is such a massive industry nowadays that businesses need a lot of financial instruments to navigate it efficiently. And, of course, business accounts are fundamental in this regard. 

Genome’s team dedicated a whole article to business accounts that e-commerce merchants should have. Check out this blog to learn the difference between business and merchant accounts and how you can start an e-commerce merchant account inside Genome. 

Explaining the financial risks your business can face

Last but not least, our team took on a monumental task. We explained all the main risks companies are likely to deal with when it comes to their finances.

The article covers liquidity, market, credit, legal, and operational risks with many examples so clients can understand what they’re up against. Not only that, but we described what financial risk management is and how it aids businesses.  

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