Genome’s month in review: January 2023

Genome’s month in review: January 2023

Starting the year with a bang – that’s what Genome does best! And indeed, we have a lot of great articles and a product update to share with you! Without further ado, let’s see what’s new.

Changes to personal pricing regarding virtual cards

Our team introduced some changes to Genome’s personal pricing, specifically – virtual cards. The virtual card activation fee for the first 10 cards remains 1 euro per card. But, starting from the 11th card, the activation fee is raised to 10 euros per card. 

If you already have a certain number of virtual cards – no worries! The next 10 cards you order will still cost you 1 EUR/card. Thus, if you own 2 virtual Genome cards, you can get 10 more for the standard activation fee. Starting from your 13th card, the fee will be 10 euros per card.

Exploring even more transfer options for all your needs

There are so many kinds of money transfer options that you can’t count them on both hands! Hence, clients wonder how they differ and which transfer methods they should use. In January, we dedicated three articles to the topic.

In the first one, we explained how diverse cross-border payments could be, with many options for people from different corners of the world. And the team also elaborated on which businesses can benefit from cross-border transactions the most!

Direct debit payments were another topic discussed. We compared them to wire transfers, so clients could better understand their main similarities and distinctions. The benefits and disadvantages of direct debit transfers can also be found in the article

Last but not least, our team put an end to the wire vs. bank transfer debate. We compared the two and also explained how they differ from online and ACH payments. If you have doubts regarding which to choose, it is a worthy read!   

Explaining what e-banking actually is

In December, we dedicated an article to defining different types of financial institutions. Among those, we mentioned electronic banking, which is a broad term in itself. So, why not elaborate on it? And it is exactly what we did.

In this article, we described the different types of e-banking so people can better understand how to use them to their utmost benefit.  

Business accounts: where should the companies start? 

Genome works with many companies across the globe, but we still get questions like “which business account will suit me more?” and so on. 

No worries, your question has been answered in this blog: “Types of business accounts that companies can have.” Here we described many variations of corporate accounts, such as checking, savings, investment, merchant accounts, and more! Find your perfect business account by following examples in our article!

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