Genome’s month in review: July 2022

Genome’s month in review: July 2022

Another month passes and brings on new results. That’s right, Genome has some exciting news and updates we’d like to share. So, what was up in July? Find out below.

Run a business with the right business account

For a company, the importance of a reliable, straightforward business account can’t be overstated. But not all entrepreneurs understand what to look for when it comes to such a service. That’s what Genome’s blog is for, as we offer advice on topics like this. 

We recently had two relevant articles: one touched on the reasons for having a business account in the first place. And the other one was more specific, as it focussed on German companies and what they need to do to start a business account and find the best option for themselves.

Also, once you get your business account up and running, it’s time to get yourself and the employees some cards for corporate purchases, as well as for logistics, marketing, salaries, and other expenses. It is where we recommend checking the article about the best e-wallets that offer virtual cards

Understand the future of banking better

Thinking and analyzing what the future holds for us is exciting and valid for many industries, including the banking sector. 

Have you ever wondered how the financial services you’ve grown accustomed to will change and evolve over the years? Well, we do too, and our team dives into these predictions and sorts them out for our clients.

In July, we discussed some of the changes expected to strike the financial industry in these two articles: “How IT is changing the banking sector: a list of new trends” and “Digitalization of the banking sector will make financial services more accessible.” If you are interested in such topics, these can be a great read! 

A shift to SWIFT

Well, let’s not beat around the bush – this is one of the most significant updates of this summer for us. Genome has enabled SWIFT transfers*. So you can now make international payments and do so efficiently using our transfers feature!

*Please note that SWIFT transfers are currently available for business wallet users. Learn more in our blog

Also, if you want to know more about SWIFT transfers and why they are such a big deal in the financial world, check out our recent article on SWIFT transfers in 2022 and how to send them correctly.  

One more option to support Ukraine

Genome follows closely the tragic events that are occurring in Ukraine. Shortly after Russia started its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, Genome donated to Ukraine to help its people in their efforts to protect their country and independence. We also started offering our financial services for Ukrainians both inside the country and in Europe. 

But our team also felt we needed to do more, so we started a separate page where you can donate directly to one of three organizations that provide relief to Ukrainian people in these uncertain times. We urge anyone who can do so to donate, as we must aid our fellow European nation that suffers from intense violence and grieve in their strive to survive and defend their people and sovereignty.

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