Genome’s month in review: June 2023

Genome’s month in review: June 2023

Welcome back! We hope your Summer is going smoothly. Meanwhile, it is time for another monthly update! If you want to find out which new articles our team prepared for you in June – this article is for you!

Checking out the checking accounts

Checking accounts are the gateway to primary banking operations for many clients. But, many may wonder – what are the differences between personal and business accounts?

Well, our team covered the main similarities and distinctions between the two in this article. We also explained why companies need to use business checking accounts instead of personal ones. 

Exploring banking options for LLCs

If you have a limited liability company or any other variation of private limited companies, you still need a reliable and modern business account that is up to your standards. 

Luckily, the financial industry is very diverse, offering special LLC bank accounts. To help you out, Genome published an article explaining how you can start a business account for your LLC and what you need to pay attention to when making your choice.

Sharing advice on payment methods and cross-border fees with merchants

We have been talking a lot about business financial services in our blog lately. But merchants also deserve help and advice, as they have to deal with many variables when it comes to trade. 

Thus, in June, we dedicated two articles to issues that merchants can face. In the first one, we explored the main payment methods that small businesses can use. We also described different scenarios to help companies better understand which payment options are the most crucial in different situations.

The second article dives into cross-border fees. More specifically, the cross-border processing fees that merchants need to take into account when accepting payments from international clients. Learn how the cross-border fee works here.  

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