Genome’s month in review: October

Genome’s month in review: October

It’s spooky season outside, and Halloween is on its way! But we at Genome have no worries – our month was productive, and we had a blast while working on new product updates and articles. Speaking of witch (see what we did there?), let’s begin October’s month in review with blog posts.

Don’t be afraid of scammers – stand up to them

We dedicated our very first blog post of October to a serious topic – “How to deal with imposter phone calls from the bank”. You see, recently there was an increase in phone calls from fraudsters, who held themselves out as the representatives of various financial institutions. In this pretext, they try to get your financial data and use it to steal money. 

Infographic: The pandemic-related fraud claims in the UK as of March 2020

We at Genome wanted to remind you once again, that we never call our clients and ask for their payment information like account login info, card details, Smart-ID codes, etc. And if you want to know how to deal with scammers like a pro, check out Genome’s article, it definitely is useful to keep in mind. 

Don’t be scared: is it time to switch to e-banking? 

Our extensive article this month was dedicated to a timely question – what to choose: traditional banks or online banking? Both have their perks and disadvantages described in the article. 

Infographic: The number of European clients that consider switching from traditional banks to digital banking.

But considering the latest events and overall trends, more and more people consider trying digital banking, and we don’t blame them. Take Genome for instance – from onboarding to banking operations – all done online, you can use Genome app anywhere – in the office, from a cab, or from the comfort of your home.

It’s dangerous to go alone: take the team with you 

Genome has a new access management feature, also known as “My Team”, which is available for business wallet users. With it, you can invite your team members to manage your funds together, all in one account. The feature is available for CEOs and product owners, and you can assign your teammates to the owner, financial director, accountant, and analyst roles. Choose specific roles for specific functions and share the workflow. This unique feature allows users to run businesses effectively, with no pauses for anyone’s vacation or waiting for approvals.

To customize the feature, find the “My Team” section in Genome’s settings. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the feature.

Celebrating the mysterious month with a new blog category 

Do you like reading the bank industry-themed articles? Well, you are in luck, as we now take the hottest insights from Genome’s articles published on other websites or magazines, and cover them in a new blog type called “media”.

This time our COO Daumatas Barauskas was featured in the article by the PaymentsSource titled: “Should payments companies continue waiving fees for post-coronavirus recovery?”. 

The thing is that in April Genome canceled the service fees for all low-risk businesses to show our support during the lockdown. And in August we’ve annulled the service fees for companies based in Lithuania, as well as lowered the SEPA transfer fees. As a Lithuania-based company, the team figured we can show appreciation to the country by helping out other businesses. Find out more about our experience with fee waiving in this blog post.  

Terrific news about Genome cards – the preorder is available! 

The greatest news of October is that you can now preorder Genome’s virtual and physical debit cards for personal and business use! The preorder process, which you can start from Genome’s dashboard, takes minutes to complete, and we will inform you as soon as the official launch begins!
We have already uncovered lots of details about our future virtual and debit cards, you can check out more information on them in the articles: “How to choose the right bank card for personal and business needs” and “Types of bank cards: a complete guide”. 

Our team wishes you a happy and safe Halloween, while we are getting new updates ready for the next month. 

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