Sometimes dealing with banks might be frustrating. For example, to open a personal account you are required to visit a banking institution, most of which don’t work 24/7 and are often crowded, which is something we all try to avoid. And if your business days tend to be busy you really don’t want to waste any time dealing with things like that. You know the saying, modern problems require modern solutions, and luckily, we’ve got one for you – Genome. With our Electronic Money Institution Licence, you can open multiple personal IBAN accounts, which allows you to send low-cost money

The popularity of e-Wallets grows daily, but not all people are aware of this payment method’s services and specifics. Some believe that digital wallets are a safer modern replacement for physical wallets. Others find virtual wallets more convenient for online transactions. And some merchants are wondering whether you can replace a payment gateway with a digital wallet.We at Genome decided to answer the most common and tricky questions about and involving electronic wallets.What is an e-Wallet? An electronic wallet is an application used to mimic our physical wallets online – you can store money and buy products and services via

The time has come – Genome is rolling out its referral program to reward our personal wallet users. We also made sure that the program will not be subjected to fraudulent actions and fake accounts’ exploits.  So, that’s how it works: Step one. Our clients can send their referral link to their partners, colleagues, friends – they all will get a possibility to open an account and use other Genome’s services. Step two. A person, who has received a referral link, needs to use it for registration and complete the on-boarding procedure. Step three. Our referrer client will get 10%

We are proud to say Genome received a trophy from Acquisition International magazine and was titled the Best Online Business Payments Platform 2020 within Europe. Each year Acquisition INTL magazine conducts the Global Excellence Awards which covers a wide variety of sectors and countries. This annual program has been designed by Acquisition INTL magazine’s in-house research team that has exceptional expertise. The award was launched in 2016 to recognize and reward the firms and individuals whose sustained outstanding performance has seen them leading the way in their industry. We are happy to be noticed as it is a big motivation

A business bank account is often a topical matter for company owners and merchants, whether you already have one and it is an essential part of your business, or you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is only thinking about opening the account. In today’s blog post we have gathered the main information about a current business account and why do you need it, as well as put together a guide for start-up and small business owners on how to open one. What is a business bank account? A business account is an account a person opens in a bank or

Every update is another step to make your Genome experience smooth and effective. We are starting a series of release announcements, so you can track what was added and fixed in each new version of Genome!  In April release we’ve added transactional reports in both business and personal wallets so you can easily check transaction history from all of your accounts in one place. To make it customizable to your needs we’ve added filters, lots of filters. And finally, this transaction report can be easily uploaded or forwarded to your bookkeeper or a business partner. We also improved validation rules

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If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start selling products and/or services online but isn’t quite sure how to begin and what to do, or, maybe, you have your doubts about the security of online business and seek to protect your income — this article is for you. You have every reason to worry, as e-commerce is riskier than offline retail and services. However, modern technology and legislation come up with more and more instruments and regulations to keep your customers and business safe. In this blog post, we will walk you through the stages you need to complete

Chargebacks — the process of forcible returning of money from the merchants (business) account back to the cardholder (customer` credit/debit card). There is another way in a financial system for customers to get the money back—refund. The difference between the refund and chargeback is that refund is an agreement between merchant and customer, which doesn’t involve the bank. But in this article we will talk about chargebacks as the processes of forceful money return that can cause after-effects for merchants. Chargebacks are usually initiated by the customer (cardholder) who contacts the bank (the one who issues the card) with the

Want to process payments and accept transactions from worldwide? You definitely need an international merchant account. We can all agree that it will be difficult and time-consuming to open separate accounts in every country you will operate in. Optimal decision will be to find a third-party service provider. And choosing the right provider is a decision that requires a thoughtful approach. The latest changes in the industry reminds us once again that there are many points to consider before opening a merchant account, so later on you will not have to worry about the safety and availability of your company’s