If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start selling products and/or services online but isn’t quite sure how to begin and what to do, or, maybe, you have your doubts about the security of online business and seek to protect your income — this article is for you. You have every reason to worry, as e-commerce is riskier than offline retail and services. However, modern technology and legislation come up with more and more instruments and regulations to keep your customers and business safe. In this blog post, we will walk you through the stages you need to complete

Chargebacks — the process of forcible returning of money from the merchants (business) account back to the cardholder (customer` credit/debit card). There is another way in a financial system for customers to get the money back—refund. The difference between the refund and chargeback is that refund is an agreement between merchant and customer, which doesn’t involve the bank. But in this article we will talk about chargebacks as the processes of forceful money return that can cause after-effects for merchants. Chargebacks are usually initiated by the customer (cardholder) who contacts the bank (the one who issues the card) with the

Want to process payments and accept transactions from worldwide? You definitely need an international merchant account. We can all agree that it will be difficult and time-consuming to open separate accounts in every country you will operate in. Optimal decision will be to find a third-party service provider. And choosing the right provider is a decision that requires a thoughtful approach. The latest changes in the industry reminds us once again that there are many points to consider before opening a merchant account, so later on you will not have to worry about the safety and availability of your company’s

Having a merchant account is obligatorily for every entrepreneur who wants to accept credit or debit card payments on his website. Before opening a merchant account there are many things you should be aware of.  Everyone who is somehow related to e-business, heard the term “Merchant Account”. But it still leaves a misconception especially for those who is new to online payment industry.  Some people may mistake a merchant account for a business account, which is technically the same, but slightly different.  Merchant account is one of the elements of a business account, which comprises a range of banking products

Online payments have already become an essential part of our daily lives. Some of us probably remember the transactions and payments years ago when we had to go somewhere to send the transfers or could pay only by cash at the store And now, everything we need can be done in a minutes from our laptops and smartphones, heck, even watches! Have you ever thought which stages the money come through when you send or receive the payments online? Not only for customers, but for the online merchants the processing of online payments can be intimidating as it seems like