Nowadays, having an IBAN is pretty standard, especially within European countries. Still, some might wonder, why IBAN codes are so long, or why were they created, if SWIFT codes were already a thing. This article will cover these questions, and also explain how to send money to somebody’s IBAN, if you are new to that. So, buckle up and let’s go! What’s an IBAN number An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) was established in 1997 by the European Committee for Banking Standards to make money transfers safer and more convenient. IBAN can consist of 34 characters maximum, and the length

Welcome back to Genome’s month in review, where we take a look at the news, articles, and events throughout the month. And in July, we had exciting news for our potential and loyal clients. So, it’s a perfect time to catch up with the latest updates and insights, if you haven’t already.   Deep dive into the SEPA payments SEPA transfers are common for European countries, but not all people might be aware of its purpose, the full list of SEPA countries, or even how to make a payment. That’s why this month we wrote an exstensive article on the topic.

Sometimes having a secure and agile PSP platform is not enough, as it should also be easy to use and comprehensible for your clients. And we at Genome are working exactly on that. We are proud to announce that Genome got localized to five more languages, which are: German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Norwegian – all for our clients’ convenience.  Changing the language is really simple – just go to and, before logging in, pick the language option you prefer in the upper center of the screen, near the “Terms of use” tab. The same feature is also available for Genome

Having a merchant account is crucial if you want to accept money for your online goods and services. And right now, E-Commerce is not only one of the most in-demand industries but is also an opportunity for retail shops to move some of their products online to strive during the lockdown or similar scenarios.  With Genome, you can open multiple merchant accounts easily and online, no need to leave your house. After getting Genome’s merchant account, you will be able to accept credit cards and alternative method payments on your website, exchange currencies, use low-cost SWIFT and SEPA transfers, as

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that years ago money transfers between European countries took up to five business days and fees for the services differed vastly. But now these transfers are mostly seamless thanks to the adoption of SEPA. In this blog post, we will take a look at how SEPA came to be, what are the advantages, and explain to people who are new to SEPA transfers how to make them. Ready? Let’s start. What is a SEPA payment SEPA, which stands for a single euro payments area, is an initiative implemented by the European Union to integrate electronic

It’s that time again – the month is over and we’d like to update you on all of the important news, updates, and events that happened in regards to Genome in June. Interested? Then buckle up and let’s start the month in review. A new blog article about online banking We continue expanding Genome’s blog with more articles about banking and payments so that our existing and potential clients could have access to a comprehensive guide on every aspect of the industry if they need to. This time we’ve looked into the topic of online banking and what do you need to know

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely has pushed financial institutions to change the ways they operate and come up with new solutions for this.These and other topics were recently discussed during the Fintech week Lithuania online conference on the 15-18th of June. Genome also participated in the event and we would like to share some of the most interesting ideas voiced during a panel “The most exciting COVID-19 crisis innovations that will shape the future of Fintechs”. The issue was deliberated on by the head of Fintech Lithuania at Infobalt Paulius Tarbūnas, head series producer and host at Fintech Finance Douglas Mackenzie,

Opening a business account at a bank might be worrisome, as you are never quite sure about the ever-changing requirements and documents needed to start one. And sometimes you don’t have any free time to spend on multiple visits to the banking institutions – especially now when it’s better to minimize unnecessary contacts due to the pandemic.Thankfully, there is a faster and safer alternative like Genome, where you can open multiple personal, business IBANs or merchant accounts completely online – no need to waste time or risk your well being.Using Genome’s business IBAN you can send low-cost internal, SEPA, and

There has been a lot of new updates and engaging content coming from Genome lately, so we’ve decided to share a summary of the most important and interesting events, features, and blog posts of May 2020. Genome’s COVID-19 initiative continues to gain recognition. Yes, technically we have cancelled all the service fees for our low-risk clients in April, but the offer will last till July 14th, 2020, and is time-sensitive, as some countries are still facing the lockdown due to the pandemic. The relevance of our initiative was recognized by FinTech advisor Marcel Van Oost and IBS Intelligence last month, and by Financial IT in May.  Genome has launched a

We understand that you might have questions about Genome and its services while browsing our website. That’s why we launched an online chat, where you can communicate with our support team in real-time. You can find the chat in the right lower corner of Genome’s main page, as well as in IBAN account, Money transfers, Merchant, Referral, Pricing, and Support sections.  To start using the chat, enter your name, e-mail address, and a message itself that might include questions and suggestions regarding Genome services. Our support consultant will get back to you within minutes during working hours on weekdays.  If it is a weekend and our support team