Customize and integrate Genome’s payment page into your app easily

Customize and integrate Genome’s payment page into your app easily

In recent years, many businesses have moved online. For one, it’s more convenient, and you can reach far more customers. And while some companies use websites for the purpose, others go straight for the apps. So, we at Genome decided it was time to make things easier for the latter category.

Introducing Genome’s mobile SDK! For those who don’t know a software development kit allows programmers to use tools for application development. 

In this case, it means that you can integrate Genome’s payment page into your application seamlessly! And customize it too – the page will be in tune with your app’s design. 

Our team also made sure to get rid of all the inconveniences: the payment process will take place completely inside the app, without redirecting clients to other websites, increasing the conversions. 


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Genome’s SDK is safe too. The customers’ payment details will go directly to Genome, without merchants’ involvement. The mobile SDK is PCI DSS compliant as Genome itself. We are also supervised by the Bank of Lithuania and follow strict rules to ensure the security of merchants and their clients.

The SDK is available for apps that are both on App Store and Google Play. To get it, all you need is to:

If you haven’t already, start a merchant account within Genome. We have described the process in great detail in our tutorial, but all you need to know: it is quick, simple, and takes place online! You will get multiple business and merchant features like money transferring, access management, reports, and more! 

Once you have an account, download our mobile SDK for free. Follow instructions to install it, and get ready to accept fast and safe payments through your app.

For more information about SDK, as well as our other services, contact us at

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