Genome now has the access management feature
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Genome introduces My Team feature for access management

When you think about companies in general, one of the things coming to mind is a team of professionals working together towards a common goal. Every person has their area of expertise as they contribute to perfecting the company’s product.

But when it comes to banking, it’s not that convenient, unfortunately. Financial institutions usually offer companies business accounts with only one person having an access to it. It’s not always effective to rest the responsibility of managing the account upon one person. As financial matters require the assessment of more than one specialist.

And don’t even get us started when it comes to the account owner going on a vacation or a business trip: how do you reach the account in case of emergency? And keep in mind, passing the account password around the office is not the greatest idea for your company’s security.

We at Genome considered all these very real problems and developed a solution for our clients. It’s a new feature for access management called “My Team”. With it the owner can grant the account access to the teammates, making its management far more flexible.

“My Team” is great for dividing the workload among the staff, and you definitely will be able to manage the account, when the owner is away. And it’s safe as well: a person needs to pass both personal and business verifications before they’re added to the team. You can also track the account activity via the phone.

The account owner can assign other users four different roles, which are:

Director – this person will have access to all the account functions;

Financial director – the employee can view the accounts and balances, view and export reports, view and manage merchants, manage members, and also have access to payments, verification and limits functions;

Accountant – this person can use the payments, verification and limits functions, view the accounts and balances, view and export reports, view and manage merchants;

Analyst – the employee can view the accounts and balances, view and export reports, and also view merchants; 

You can find the feature when logging into After opening the dashboard, go to settings and click the “my team” section. If you have any issues, feel free to contact us via email or a live chat at Genome’s website

We at Genome love turning traditional banking into more convenient service, as all our accounts are managed completely online, and you don’t need to leave your house to pass the onboarding. In the latest news, we have opened the pre-order for our virtual and physical debit cards, which is another step to making your Genome experience as seamless as possible.