Cards pre-order is now open: find the right Genome card for you

Cards pre-order is now open: find the right Genome card for you

This autumn, we at Genome gave lots of tips on how to choose the right bank card for personal and business needs and described the types of bank cards there are. Thus, when our team was working on Genome’s very own cards, we considered our clients’ presumable requests.

And we now have virtual and physical debit cards that meet personal and business demands available for a pre-order! So, let us first talk about the cards we have in store for you, and then cover the simple pre-order process.

Genome’s physical multicurrency debit cards

Using debit cards to pay for goods and services on the go is something lots of people do on the daily basis, so how could we not come up with our own debit card. This international card allows contactless payments whether you are grocery shopping at the store next door, or buying theater tickets in an entirely different country. 

Worldwide money transfers are not the only feature Genome’s team is excited about. You can request that your debit card won’t have a number, CVV2, and expiry date printed on it. For what? So that fraudsters won’t be able to steal this information and suck your bank account dry. All the details will be securely stored in the Genome and will always be available in the apps. This information can be reached through additional layer of identity verification. 

The cards are easily managed from the web app or right from your pocket in our mobile app.

All the cards have an extra level of protection from the Covery anti-fraud platform that is guarding your card 24/7. Order a debit card and explore all the possibilities and convenience of contactless payments on the go with Genome. 

Genome’s multicurrency virtual cards

Don’t have time to wait till your physical debit card arrives, or want to go fully digital and without plastic? Then Genome’s virtual cards are for you.


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These multicurrency cards are perfect for buying things in different currencies, as you will save money while doing it. No unnecessary exchange rates and transaction fees.

As we’ve said before, these cards allow you to go fully digital: enjoy e-shopping and track all your transactions online, order multiple virtual cards, and manage them from the web app or right from your pocket in our Genome mobile app.

The best thing about the virtual card is that you can’t lose it – store all your financial details within Genome, beyond the wall of anti-fraud protection provided by Covery. As soon as virtual cards are available for order, you can get instant access to them, if you have an account within Genome. Just verify some data and start using your virtual card.

Genome’s corporate physical debit cards/ virtual cards 

We merged the benefits of virtual and physical cards to offer you Genome corporate cards solutions. The cards are great for business expenses tracking, no transactions will be lost. You can use debit cards at any store, ATM, or POS-terminal around the world, and virtual cards are perfect for online business purchases.

As in the case with other Genome’s debit cards, you will be able to order a physical card without the number, CVV2, and expiry date printed on the card. All the details will be securely stored in the Genome and will always be available in the apps.

 And, as all other Genome cards, virtual corporate cards will be instantly available as soon as you order them. Both virtual and debit corporate cards are easily manageable from Genome’s dashboard and secured with Covery anti-fraud platform.

Did you get intrigued by any of the mentioned cards? Then great news – you can pre-order now! To do that, you need to have an account within Genome and pass the PKYC or BKYC. Didn’t join us yet? We’ve got you covered with detailed tutorials on how to start personal, business, and merchant accounts within Genome. 

How to pre-order Genome’s cards: 

1. Log into and get to your dashboard. You can either click the pre-order banner at the top of the screen or choose the “pre-order card” option in the left column on the screen. Note, that for now you can pre-order one card per one wallet. 

Genome's cards pre-order: how to access from Genome's dashboard
Pre-order banner in Genome web version

2. When redirected to the next page, choose the type of card you want to pre-order (physical/virtual), and then click the pre-order button. 

Genome's cards pre-order: choose the card
Select card type for pre-order

And that’s it! You now only need to wait until the official launch of the cards, which is happening soon. We advise you to follow the updates published in our blog and on social media.      

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