Genome’s month in review: April 2023

Genome’s month in review: April 2023

Welcome back to Genome’s latest news and updates! That’s right – you are in for another Month in a review blog post! Let’s see what happened in April of 2023.

Transfer templates – now for Android users!

Our team announced the launch of transfer templates in a previous update blog. This feature allows planning regular payments faster and more conveniently by creating templates for money transfers.

Until recently, templates were only available for Genome’s clients who access via their PCs and laptops. But now, clients that have the Genome app installed on Android OS-based phones and tablets can use them as well!

To save a template when you are on the app, you need to click the Create template button, which will appear on the screen after you’ve made a successful payment.

The basics of payment processing

If you are a merchant, you ought to know how the process of receiving customer payments works. And payment processing is all about it.

In this article, we described the main participants and stages of payment processing and explained what merchants need to pay attention to.

Looking for a corporate debit card?

There are many types of cards, as individuals and businesses require them for different purposes. One of the best options for a company is a debit card. 

But why are debit cards so popular among business owners? Well, there are many advantages to them, and you can easily order a physical or virtual corporate Visa card inside Genome. Find out more about business debit cards here.  

Go multi-currency, we explain, how

Multi-currency accounts are relatively new but an exciting feature in the financial world. Companies may find these incredibly useful not only for storing funds in different currencies but making money transfers less stressful. 

What are the purposes of multi-currency accounts, and how can companies benefit from them? All the questions are answered here

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