Genome’s month in review: April

Genome’s month in review: April

It has a while since we’ve last posted a month in a review blog, but there was a solid reason. Our team has been working on many features and updates, and today we would like to tell you about some of the most essential things that happened in recent months.

Thus, let’s see what Genome’s got in store for you!

Keeping merchants up to date with the numbers

Merchants’ success relies on multiple factors, and metrics analysis is definitely one of them. You will feel more confident running your company when you know the real-time situation with chargebacks, chargeback ratio, approve ratio, etc. And our team has got you covered on that front.

We recently developed more merchant reports for this purpose. So, in addition to transaction reports, you also get new ones: summary, approve ratio, chargeback, and chargeback ratio reports. Find out all about these and why you need them in our blog dedicated to merchant reports.

Uncovering all about wire transfers

Coming back to more recent events, we have published another article to educate people on topics related to Fintechs and banking.

And the latest blog was touching upon wire transfers. This topic is somewhat confusing, as not all people understand, why are they called that. Other people are more accustomed to the term “money transfers”, so a wire transfer may sound like something alien to them.

Find the answer to all these questions and much more in our article on wire transfers. There we also explain which services Genome offers to transfer funds.

Helping clients with currency exchange

Our team made currency exchange even more convenient, as we now have a special widget for it. You can find it on the currency exchange page of our website, or inside the Genome portal, in the “Useful information” section. Reach it via the app or web browser – whichever you’d like.

Using the widget, you can check out the currency rate dynamic for 24 hours, or 30 days. Moreover, we have a currency calculator, using which you can count how much money you will exactly have after the currency exchange. There are three currencies available for the calculator – euro, US dollar, and pound sterling.

Making payments more secure

As you know, Genome takes our clients’ security extremely seriously. For instance, we have a real-time identity verification when you pass the onboarding, and provide anti-fraud tools to protect your funds from scammers and chargebacks.

And now, we made another improvement to our security features! Our clients get a two-step verification for the outgoing payments. This means, to complete a payment, you need to authenticate it. You can do so either with a text message or an email – depending on which you choose to set on your dashboard.

Thanks to the feature, even if a fraudster will somehow get a hold of your account, they won’t be able to spend your funds without passing the two-step verification. Contact us at, via our social media, or a chat on our website if you have questions or need help.

Adding minor but essential improvements

Our team has fixed some bugs to make your experience with Genome more fluent. We also added some notifications for your convenience. Genome will tell you if your documents are about to expire, so you can take care of the issue. This way your incoming and outgoing transfers won’t be restricted.

The team developed notifications to warn you if there were any changes in pricing. You can always look up fees for our services here.

Also, an exciting reminder: Genome debit cards for personal and business wallet users are coming soon! Learn how to pre-order them in this blog. Genome’s COO Daumantas Barauskas shared more information about our cards in his interviews for Verslo žinios and


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