Genome’s month in review: January 2022

Genome’s month in review: January 2022

New year – new updates! That’s right – it is time for another month in a review blog from Genome. So, what did our team manage to release during the first month of 2022? Read on and find out.

Going deep on why you need a business account

Even if you don’t sell products or services online, it is still great to utilize a business account for your company’s needs. And you don’t even have to visit a bank for that! The number of fintech companies grows each day, and they come up with more features catering to as many types of companies as possible.

Not to mention that they usually provide services faster and through more convenient channels! We wrote an article on fintechs’ growing popularity and how to open accounts with them, which you can check out here.

Our team also wanted to show some love to the agriculture business. Contrary to the opinions of some, these types of companies require a business account as well! It simplifies everything: from storing corporate funds and paying salaries to sending transfers to contractors and providing your employees with debit cards! Find out more about the farming industry and the business accounts for them in this article.

And while you are at it – check out the basic terminology for performing major banking operations. Whether you are a business owner or need an account for personal needs – this article is a must.

Product updates: chat improvements and balance statements

Genome continuously becomes more user-friendly for anyone that chooses to use it. So, what is new this month?

First and foremost, we are now even easier to reach! And the Genome app users can experience it right now if they use Android OS. Our app now has a chat button, meaning you can contact the support team when you need it. And through your proffered channel too! Genome offers communication through Zendesk, Facebook messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Choose the one you like best, and feel free to contact us!

As for other updates, Genome’s merchants now get automatic monthly balance statements. It is a financial statement that includes crucial metrics such as turnover, chargebacks, refunds, fees, and rolling reserve. The statement is generated each month for company owners to better understand their business performance.

Discussing the essential services for merchants

Back to the articles! In January, we gave covered several topics merchants will find interesting. For one, Genome dug into alternative payment methods. Mainly, which payment options are preferable in different European countries.

In the next article, we focused on the tools required to accept card payments – something every e-commerce business should know. Last but not least, the whole blog was dedicated to the OpenCart platform for online businesses. Our team covered the payment methods the CMS offers. We also explained how to integrate it with Genome for advanced merchant services!

Sharing opinions on the contactless economy, neobanks, and payment methods

In January, Genome got featured in three external articles, discussing some timely topics in finance.

If you are still unsure what the term “neobank” actually means, you can be missing out! Using neobanking services may be very beneficial for your business. See for yourself – check out our article.

The contactless economy is another subject matter on many people’s minds. For one, what businesses should be ready for? Genome’s COO Daumantas Barauskas explained what are the current drivers of the contactless economy, as well as the pros and challenges it implies for merchants. Definitely a piece worth reading!

And surely, the question that is always on the front burner – which payment methods grow in popularity and how the situation may change. If you are selling goods and services in Europe, then this Genome article on payment methods for 2022 and beyond is for you.

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