Genome’s month in review: July 2021

Genome’s month in review: July 2021

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the month in a review, as it is time to take a look back at July and what was going on during the month. Let’s see, what topics we have covered during the second month of summer!

Transfers, transfers, transfers! 

Money transfers are a focal point for many people when it comes to financial services. And no wonder! The ability to send and receive funds quickly and securely is crucial. 

That is why our team continued to explore different ways you can transfer funds. And now, when browsing Genome’s blog, you can find out how to transfer money from a credit card to a bank account, the difference between a balance transfer and a money transfer, and how to send funds from your PayPal to a bank account. 

Also, we would like to remind you, that Genome offers transfer services as well. You can use SEPA for convenient transfers in euro – more on how to make a SEPA payment here. Moreover, you can send money instantly and for free to other Genome users thanks to our internal transfers!

Choosing the best types of accounts for you

Banking, as an industry, only grows with years, especially after the emergence of Fintech companies. Not only that, but it becomes a thing that caters to different demographics, as there are even bank accounts for children and teens. 

So, with such a variety you might ask: “what type of account is the best for me?”. Well, our team can help you find the answer with our blogs! In July we took a look at current and joint accounts and elaborated on their benefits and drawbacks.

For instance, you may need a joint bank account if you are sharing money with someone like your family or friends for a common purpose like paying bills, saving money for a new house, etc. 

As for a current account, it is usually a no-interest, regular deposit account. In other words, it is a type of account you might need for your everyday financial use, just like a personal account Genome offers! You can start a personal wallet at Genome completely online. It allows you to start multiple multi-currency accounts (in EUR, GBP, USD) within minutes for all your day-to-day financial needs! Store money in different currencies, transfer them, receive salaries, and more – check out our detailed tutorial on how to do so! 


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Keeping up with the security of payments 

Responsible banks and Fintechs put a lot into the safety of their services and ensure the clients’ money is always protected. 

But, unfortunately, financial institutions can’t guarantee 100% security if clients themselves are not careful enough about their data. There are phishing, fake banking apps, and other kinds of scams that may lead to you losing your money and data. 

That’s why we think that Genome’s article “Mobile banking security tips” will be useful to most people. We describe the main threats mobile banking users encounter and provide effective ways of dealing with them.

Discovering the best options for ecommerce

Genome works with ecommerce businesses, thus our team knows a lot about what these merchants need from the banks and PSPs. We shared our experience in the article: “Best payment systems for e-commerce”.

There, we describe things to look for when choosing a payment solution for ecommerce and list some of the best options. Speaking of the latter, Genome offers multiple tools to elevate your ecommerce business! From a seamless merchant account opening and advance anti-fraud system to multiple reports to track your performance and free plugins available for Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, etc! For more information – check out the article, as well as our website! You can also read more about Genome on the Startup Lithuania website, where we’ve got into the startup of the week category.

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