Genome’s month in review: June

Genome’s month in review: June

It’s that time again – the month is over and we’d like to update you on all of the important news, updates, and events that happened in regards to Genome in June. Interested? Then buckle up and let’s start the month in review.

A new blog article about online banking

We continue expanding Genome’s blog with more articles about banking and payments so that our existing and potential clients could have access to a comprehensive guide on every aspect of the industry if they need to. This time we’ve looked into the topic of online banking and what do you need to know about it. So, if you’ve ever wondered what is the difference between traditional, mobile, and internet banking, or still uncertain about using online banking services, this article is a must-read.

We’ve launched a real-time support chat

Chat with Genome support in real-time
Check out the full article in our blog

Genome got an essential update to its site – an online support chat, which you can find in the right lower corner of the webpage. If you prefer real-time communication this feature is for you: just enter your name, email, and a question related to Genome’s services, and our support manager will get back to you within minutes. Check out our blog post if you need more info on the chat’s work.    

Product update from Genome

We also released a new version of Genome with updates that our clients may have already noticed. First of all, you can now get a merchant transaction report, which is situated in the Reports section of the client’s business wallet at . Clients can use up to 32 filters to put together the most comprehensive report they need.  

If you are a personal wallet user, you can now check your payment limits and even increase them. To change a limit, just fill in a short questionnaire in the web version.

Please note that the wallet’s billing date has been moved to the 1st day of the month and that now you can see and download your account balance statement.

Our second tutorial is out!

Now let’s get back to our articles. In June we’ve released a second tutorial for those who’d like to join Genome’s family. Find out how to open a business IBAN account easily and without leaving the comfort of your home in our detailed article. 

Tutorial: Open a business IBAN account with Genome
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Also, we highly recommend you first start a personal IBAN account with Genome, and there is already a simple four-step tutorial for it. If you are a low-risk business owner, don’t miss out on an opportunity to open a business or merchant account for free thanks to Genome’s COVID-19 initiative. 

Article on banks and Fintechs evolving amid the crisis reached the media

Genome’s COO Daumantas Barauskas covered a truly heart-pounding topic for the industry in his article “How Banks and TPPs are Evolving Amid the Pandemic” for the New Rationalist. In it, he both describes the devastating effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on the banking industry and gives financial institutions advice on how to cut the losses and be prepared for similar scenarios in the future. 

Infographic: the number of banking institutions that considered themselves the digital transformation leaders pre-pandemic
Check out the full infographics in our Facebook post

We’ve depicted some of the most interesting statistics from the article in the infographics on our Facebook page.

Participated in Fintech Week Lithuania conference and shared insights from it

Let’s end this month in review with something exciting – how about a first major banking-themed conference in a few months? That’s right, we are talking about Fintech Week Lithuania, which took place online this year due to the lockdown, but still managed to gather a lot of Fintech and payments experts from all over the world. Genome also participated in an event – we had our virtual booth and met with other conference attendees online. 

Finhech week Lithuania: innovations and changes
Check out the full article in our blog

Fintech Week Lithuania lasted for four days and our team had a great opportunity to hear lots of well-founded ideas and forecasts from the conference’ speakers. Thus, Genome has decided to share these in an article for Fintech Baltic “Fintech Week Lithuania Overview: 5 Insights from Keynote-Speakers”. 

We also wrote a separate piece for our blog called “The COVID-19 impact: what innovations and changes are shaping Fintechs’ future”, which was inspired by one of the Fintech Week’s panels. Both of these articles help to get a clearer understanding of how the Coronavirus crisis changed the way banks and Fintechs work, cooperate, and innovate.

Genome’s team had a great time during a conference, and we hope that more similar events will come through in the nearest future. Meanwhile, let’s see what the next month will bring!   

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