Genome’s month in review: November 2021

Genome’s month in review: November 2021

Welcome back to our monthly blog about the latest updates! Time runs fast, but our team manages to keep up with it! Find out what we were able to do during November. Spoilers: great news of a massive launch awaits you at the end of the article!

Rediscovering IBANs

International Bank Account Numbers are a very common piece of data most bank clients know about. But sometimes, it is easy to forget that the IBANs’ crucial purpose is money transfers. That’s why the term IBAN transfers is sometimes used, as sending funds is often impossible without having said code.

This month, we had two articles on the topic: the time IBAN transfers take, and how you can use them to send money fast within Europe. Definitely check these out to also rediscover IBANs for yourself! 

Refreshing the Genome portal

Sometimes, even minor details make a difference. Following the recent update of our website, our team also made some changes to the platform. 

There’s now a sidebar that leads clients to the following sections of the portal: dashboard, transfers, cards, reports, merchants reports, notifications, and more! Hopefully, this upgrade makes your customer experience even better and easier on the eyes. 

Targeting the specific industries

Let’s get back to our blog. We decided that publishing a couple of articles that cater to particular fields can carry more weight for certain individuals and merchants that wonder about financial services. 

This time we explained what an e-commerce business needs to be successful and how a carefully selected merchant account can do wonders in this regard.

Genome also covered the topic of freelance IT workers and how they can open accounts to receive salaries online. And if you wonder about common payment methods for freelancers – here you go!

Leaving an impact during SiGMA

Genome’s team had lots of great meetings during SiGMA festival, which took place in Malta in mid-November. We had talks with other industry experts, as well as businesses that were interested in our services. After all, one-on-one communication allows us to hear the clients’ feedback and gather new ideas for features’ updates. 

Definitely an experience we will remember for a long time! And, hopefully, we will see even more of you during the following conferences! More pictures from the conference on our social media.

Introducing the Genome cards!

Truly, the main event of the month! Our team has been working on the project for some time. And now we are proudly presenting the Genome cards! Use virtual cards for swift online purchases, or take your physical card on a trip and use it anywhere Visa cards are accepted. 

The business wallet clients can order virtual and physical cards right now. Just log into your account and verify some details to get your preferred debit Visa card. Read more information on the cards and the ordering process here

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