Genome’s month in review: November 2022

Genome’s month in review: November 2022

The Autumn is over, but the updates from Genome’s team can’t be stopped! That’s right, we come right back at you with a blog on what’s new at Genome. Please read on to find out!

New transfer limits for Genome’s accounts

If you didn’t know, we at Genome have different levels of account limits for transfers you make and receive. It means you cannot send or receive more money than your limit dictates within a certain period. You can read all about how our account transfer limits work in this article

Recently, our team has increased the sum of funds you can transfer and receive for certain account levels. 

Thus, the basic limit level for personal wallets (1000 EUR for incoming and 1000 EUR for outgoing payments per year) stays the same, but for the next level, we raised the limit for outgoing transfers from 5000 EUR to 10000 EUR. As for business wallets, the limits for the basic (first) transfer level increased: from 50000 EUR for the outgoing transfers to 100000 EUR. 

To check your current account limits and change them, log into Genome and go to the Settings tab, where you will find the Limits menu. 

Upgrades for Genome’s SP account

Another important update is regarding Genome’s sole proprietor accounts for Ukrainians. Our team has removed some limitations for users of the said accounts. 

Now, the clients can transfer funds from their sole proprietor account to other accounts in EUR, USD, and GBP within their wallet and, of course, to other users’ wallets.

For more information on how the sole proprietor account functions and how you can start one, check out this article.    

All your questions about Genome’s cards – answered!

The team loves interacting with our clients, getting your suggestions, and answering questions. So we’ve decided to gather all the common questions you have about Genome’s virtual and physical cards and dedicate two whole articles to them!

In the first article, we explained the process of ordering our cards, how you could use them for contactless payments, what are card transfer limits and how you can change them.

In the second article, we dived deeper into which settings the virtual and physical cards have and how you can utilize them, as well as described the card activation process.

Helping you to figure out transfer options

There can never be too much information on money transfer methods, as the world offers many options for sending money. Thus, in November, we had two articles dedicated to the topic.

One of the articles contains information on how a business can make international transfers and which methods they can use to do so, including mass payment options.

And our team also explained the difference between American ACH transfers and wire payments so that you can choose the more convenient option. 

Explaining the criteria for choosing a bank account

Last but not least, Genome also wrote an article on choosing a bank account – whether you need it for your personal or business needs. Here we listed the main things you need to pay attention to when comparing options, as well as pointed out the main features Genome provides. 

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